10 Ways to Channel that 90s Cool Girl Style

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While childhood may not be the most style-conscious time (I shudder thinking of some of the things I wore), that doesn’t mean there’s no fun reliving our fashion past! It’s funny how trends change over time but some of those iconic #tbt 90s looks can still make you the coolest lady in the room. There’s nothing better than a good fashion flashback! Here are some of the enduring looks that are totally appropriate to re-create today.

1. Semi-Sheer Lace Top from DABAGIRL10 Ways to Channel that 90s Cool Girl Style

To say we were fond of lace back in those yesteryears would be an understatement. Seen on our tops, skirts, leggings, and even jackets, we were knee deep in it. This sheer top is one pretty layering device to welcome off-duty looks. A camisole underneath is required.

2. Strong-Shoulder Shirt with Fringe Detailing from DABAGIRL10 Ways to Channel that 90s Cool Girl Style

Padded shoulder tops are chic throwbacks these days. Now I regret slicing those shoulder pads out of my old blazers, because they’re suddenly relevant again. Graced with subtle fringing throughout, this sharp button-down with strong shoulders is my new office staple.

3. Shorts Overalls from DABAGIRL10 Ways to Channel that 90s Cool Girl Style

The original jumpsuits that were overalls are in. Making their way back to our wardrobes two decades later, they now come in slimmer silhouettes. This short edition with a completely open back is ideal for flaunting favorite graphic tees.

4. Printed Sundress from Lucuna10 Ways to Channel that 90s Cool Girl Style

Thanks to 90210, we all wanted to wear off-the-shoulder dresses, empire waists, and dangerously short hemlines. Ahhh, the sweet innocence of pre-Y2K fashion! I think the Beverly Hills babes were responsible for our infatuation with the babydoll dress, which was basically the 90s’ embodiment of what Britney Spears was singing about in “I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman.” Despite those dangerously short hemlines, the sweet innocence of the summer slipdress has trickled back into everyday looks this season, suitably with the warmer weather that’s coming up. I’d throw on an oversized jacket for a more nonchalant vibe.

5. Cropped Sweater Embellished with Sequins from Shera10 Ways to Channel that 90s Cool Girl Style

The hot trend of pairing cropped sweaters and mini skirts was born in the 90s, and there’s never been a better time to wear this look than now. The sparkly sequins here are all-glam, while the low-key palette plays it cool with a subtle dash of shine.

6. High-Waist Skinny Jeans with Button Fly from Babi n Pumkin10 Ways to Channel that 90s Cool Girl Style

The fitted cut of this pair creates an hourglass silhouette, nipping in higher at the waist. Denim style doesn’t get more flattering and polished than this. The button fly is a bonus nod to the 90s.

7. Wrap Sweater and Matching Midi Skirt from Alfie10 Ways to Channel that 90s Cool Girl Style

Probably one of our favorite looks to make a comeback, this sleek set is a major upgrade from the matching sets of yesteryears. Gone are the neon spandex two-pieces, now replaced by sexy top-and-skirt combos or matched jackets and tops that guarantee to make you stand out from the crowd. Mixing and matching can be hard, and we’re so glad co-ordinated sets are still in. This flattering wrap-top and midi set has all the ease of a sophisticated dress but feels fresh and modern at the same time.

8. Lace “Tattoo” Choker from DABAGIRL10 Ways to Channel that 90s Cool Girl Style

Once an *essential* styling touch, the choker necklace is an unexpected re-emerging trend. This one reimagined in gem-encrusted lace might be the freshest way to wear it. It goes well with anything, and is best with casual looks for a standout touch.

9. Mary Jane Kitten Heels from Chlo.D.Manon10 Ways to Channel that 90s Cool Girl Style

These Mary Jane flats are the perfect alternative to heels for going out. The kitten heel, topped off with a slick Mary Jane strap, is as wearable and cute as it is versatile. The pointed-toes of this pair make it one fine style for the office.

10. High-Top Sneakers from LIPHOP10 Ways to Channel that 90s Cool Girl Style

We’re at the height of the whole “dad sneakers” trend, but sometimes we still crave simplicity and will trade those for a classic high-top. When have high-tops not been in style? Yet somehow there’s still a retro vibe to them.

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