Runway Predictions for Fall 18/19 by WGSN

We’re halfway through the Fall 2018/2019 Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris. While it’s still too early to provide a summary of the events, trend-forecasting company WGSN has already provided insights on coming catwalk trends. How many of these trends were you able to predict?

Leftmost images: Harper’s Bazaar/ Jil Sander/ Vogue Deustsch/ WWD/ Prada/ Sean & Seng

1. Soft Nostalgia

Designers look to nostalgia and the British countryside as sources of inspiration for everyday sportswear. Vintage ideas are modernized by slimmer cuts and more functional designs.

Colors: Soft pastels, brown, primrose, apple blossom, rich caramel, brushed mahogany
Prints & Patterns: Heritage checks, garden blooms
Materials: Cashmere, tweed, cotton
Items: Turtlenecks, leisure pants, tailored trousers, pencil skirts, ribbed sweaters, sport-style jackets, raincoats, oversized cardigans, shirts, full skirts

2. Bespoke Abstraction

Folding, wrapping, and an emphasis on sleeves and asymmetric cuts break the monotony of traditional forms. Long-over-long combinations and exaggerated proportions offer effortless airiness.

Colors: Black, white, navy, gray, red, blue
Prints & Patterns: Geometric, Bauhaus
Materials: Wool blends, cotton, wool twill
Items: Long jackets, oversized shirts, tunics, exaggerated sweaters, wide-leg trousers, leisure pants, shirtdresses, long pencil skirts

3. Eclectic Journey

Possessing both Eastern opulence and a nomadic quality, this trend sees rich colors, mixed prints, sumptuous decorations and mystic symbols come into play as it merges history, art and culture from around the world.

Colors: Black, red, saffron, bright blue, gold, taupe, military green
Prints & Patterns: 1920s Goth, Baroque florals, camouflage, animal print, mixed prints
Materials: Quilted, chunky knits, shearling, velvet, metallic brocade, boiled wool, sheer silk, lace, chiffon, cotton
Items: Long dresses, pleated skirts, kimonos, wrap coats, blankets, military jackets, utility pants, full blouses, tailored coats

4. Elevated Street

A globalized street culture takes a youthful, expressive and nostalgic approach with vibrant colors, voluminous silhouettes and layering. The 1970s, 80s and 90s make a major comeback as seen in retro sportswear.

Colors: Red, yellow, denim blue, aubergine, blue, green, navy, orange, gray, black
Prints & Patterns: Florals, checks, stripes, logos
Materials: Denim, knits, leather, silk, wool blend, nylon, quilted, metallic, plastic
Items: Broad-shouldered jackets, oversized coats, military jackets, leisure pants, trench coats, zip tracksuits, oversized shirts, cargo pants, trucker jackets, puffer jackets, bohemian dresses

5. Sports Luxe

Industrial-inspired surfaces, coated finishes and lightweight transparencies form the basis of easy-to-wear everyday items. Ergonomic designs amped up by luxurious material offer an urban appeal.

Colors: Red, indigo, teal, scarlet, lemon, gray, orange, purple, black, white, pastels
Prints & Patterns: Camouflage, color-blocking, stripes, typography, logos
Materials: Nylon, shiny surfaces, quilted, coated finishes, waterproofing, fur trim, transparencies
Items: Tracksuits, trucker jackets, streamlined bombers, puffer coats and jackets, sport pants, A-lines, zip-up tops

6. Architectural Landscape

Architectural shapes inspired by the modern cityscape empower women with understated confidence, elegance and discreet sex appeal. Clean-cut suiting, well-defined shoulders and voluminous trousers keep it comfortable.

Colors: White, black, gray, tan, red
Prints & Patterns: Bauhaus, surrealism, geometric, recolored checks
Materials: Silk, cashmere, tweed, cotton, wool blend, twill
Items: Oversized shirts, exaggerated jackets, tapered trousers, wide-leg trousers, slim-fit pants, coatdresses, pencil skirts, bow-neck blouses

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