Nikki’s Inbox: Too Tall to Look Cute?

Over the last year or so, I’ve grown and now none of my current clothing fits. As a kid, I was very tomboyish, and I refused to wear skirts/dresses, pink, etc. Now my style is basically the opposite, and I love pastels (especially pink), mini skirts and a basic “kawaii” look. I have no idea where to start building a new wardrobe, and I have no idea how to get the look I want without looking like a weeaboo. (I live in a fairly conservative, mono-cultural area where even wide leg pants are considered edgy and weird.) I also feel like I can’t look cute, because I’m too tall. Despite not wanting to look taller, I LOVE high heels, especially pumps, which tend to be the highest.

I’m 173cm tall, with a 75cm chest (65A/AA), 58cm waist and 81cm hips. My build is mostly legs, and I have large feet (42-43). I have fairly pale skin, light brown/dark blonde hair and blue eyes (although I’m about to dye my hair pastel pink).

I’m still a minor, so I have a fairly limited budget ($200-400). Thank you so much for your time and effort. I love your posts! Keep up the amazing work!

Ruby, 16/Australia

Hello and thank you for your encouraging words, Ruby. I truly appreciate how detailed you are with your information. It certainly makes it easier for me to think of suggestions that might suit your taste.

The thing is you really have good proportions — you’re an hourglass shape, darling! With your height and the fact that you’re all legs, it’s safe to say you may have a modelesque figure and that gives you plenty to work with.

Play With Colors

I always recommend readers to add colors to their wardrobe to open up possibilities. As much as you love pink and pastels, Ruby, I encourage you to expand your color palette. Don’t be afraid to try brighter, more vivid colors, even saturated ones. Mixing your lights and brights is a great way to avoid looking too pale and fading into the background. You can also add drama to your outfits through bold color contrasts. Look for small details that add that girly flair like embroidered hearts, lace, tiny bows or fluffy pompom accents.

Play With Textures and Details

Fabric textures are another good way to stand out. Floaty, gauzy chiffon teamed with denim seems like a match made in heaven. Leather with lace combines girly with grunge, and so on. Unexpected details such as asymmetric necklines and hemlines or tasteful cutouts also add a fresh twist. So don’t limit yourself to a one-dimensional look!

Play With Lengths

The best time to wear wide-leg pants is NOW, Ruby! I can tell you that you’ll look smashing in them because of your height and legs, so why wait? Pair those wide-leg pants — which are a hit summer trend that’s still going strong — with a cropped mesh tee or tank top, or just anything with fishnet/mesh insets to have fun with lengths. They’ll look great even if you just wear them with dirty white sneakers, trust me. You can also choose to wear a schoolgirl-style pleated skort and a collared blouse with matching gladiator sandals that snake up your calves to emphasize those gams of yours. A gorgeous, flowing maxi skirt goes well with a simple sleeveless gingham blouse with the tails knotted, or with a halter tank top.

As for your fear of not looking cute, let me tell you that cuteness isn’t limited to petites, babies, kittens, puppies, or grandparents wearing matching outfits. So don’t think that being tall excludes you from pulling off an eye-catching outfit. It’s all about how you carry and perceive yourself. If you think you’re cute, then you most certainly are!

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