All Things Canine to Celebrate the Year of the Dog

Those familiar with the Chinese zodiac know that 2018 is the Year of the Dog. So, attention, canine lovers! Now’s your chance to splurge on pawsome stationery, dogmatic clothing and limited-edition beauty products wrapped in cute puppy packaging. Corgi, pug and shiba fans in particular will benefit from YesStyle’s fashion and lifestyle selections, because there are plenty of items featuring these dogs. (To begin with, there are several featuring fluffy corgi buttocks.) I foresee that 2018 will be a fruitful year for dogholics!

1. Clothes

Tees, hoodies and pullovers are the easiest ways to show your love for pups – plus they come in handy when you want to go matchy-matchy with your other half. Choose either a small embroidered accent or a big print on the bodice.

2. Socks

A subtle dog-head embroidery on your socks add cuteness to your outfit without being dominating or making you look childish. But if you wish to make your socks a statement piece, go for bold prints and keep the rest of your outfit simple.

3. Bags and Pouches

Call it obsession, but wiggling corgi bums are so delightful to look at and therapeutic to pat! This crossbody bag is oh-so fluffy and cleverly designed to accommodate your earphone cables. The matching coin purse demands equal love and attention.

4. Beauty

Leading Korean beauty brands have launched limited puppy-themed collections just in time for Chinese New Year. Missha collaborates with Korean fashion label Beyond Closet to produce skin care and makeup products showcasing Beyond Closet’s signature dog portraits. Laneige’s limited-edition lip masks and lip balms boast dog portraits by Korean animal photography company Thank You Studios. Etude House and It’s Skin have dog illustrations on their New Year collections, while Innisfree offers a 2018 Snoopy series.

5. Lifestyle

Brighten up your days with everything canine, from whimsical memo pads and stickers to heart-melting cushions and dog-tail hooks that emit a barking sound when you place things on them. Perfect as gifts too!

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