10+1 Beauty Trends to Look Out For in 2018

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I previously wrote about the Holiday Trend Report and women’s fashion trends for 2018 from Pinterest 100, a yearly forecast that highlights 100 emerging trends from Pinterest. Here’s my last bit from Pinterest on beauty trends!

From the same Pinterest 100 list, the following keywords had the biggest gain in popularity among 200 million Pinners across the world towards the end of last year. Number one was taken from the report’s Health and Wellness section while the rest were from the Beauty section. (The Health and Wellness section is more about fitness and well-being, but since it’s so in vogue, I decided to include it anyway.) The bracketed numbers indicate each trend’s year-on-year increase in terms of saves or searches.

Let’s see what beauty-goers are falling for!

Leftmost images: Pinterest

1. Vitamin C Serum (+3379%)

The world is head-over-heels in love with Vitamin C serum and we have an article that explains why. Vitamin C serum’s power to brighten complexion and improve texture has earned it a staggering increase in users. Try the Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop from Klairs or the Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Serum from By Wishtrend.

2. Cleansing Oils (+555%)

Keep your face and lips and even your hair, body and nails soft, smooth and shiny with essential oils. An oil-based cleanser removes excess sebum thoroughly based on the simple “like attracts like” principle, while forming a barrier on skin to retain moisture. It also leaves skin with a smooth touch and enviable sheen.

3. Lip Tints (+414%)

Lip stains are all the rage now! A lip stain differs from a lipstick in that its water- or gel-based instead of wax-based, making it more buildable. It’s also more long-wearing and smudge-proof because it uses a dye instead of pigments to add color. Go sheer or matte for a trendy look.

4. Makeup for All Complexions (+378%)

As my colleague May previously mentioned, Korean brands are now offering more shades of foundations to cater to different skin tones. There are even customized foundations and apps that help you find the best foundation. In short, it’s now easier to get an exact match for your skin tone!

5. Facial Rollers (+345%)

Massage rollers made from precious materials like platinum, gold, jade and quartz take the skin firming game to the next level. These rollers also help promote metabolism and enhance the absorption of skin care products, in addition to reducing puffiness and preventing the formation of wrinkles.

6. Bold Hair Textures (+166%)

It’s all about getting wet and wild with hair styling! Go for a retro slicked-back hair style using a hair iron and strong-hold spray, or create airy curls with a curler.

7. Lashes (+152%)

We still love on-fleek brows but we love lush lashes even more! Sculpted spidery lashes from the 60s a la Twiggy are on the rise so it’s time to stock up on falsies!

8. Makeup Kits (+147%)

The search for coordinating eye shadows, lip colors and blushes can be tiring, so how about a makeup kit that includes everything you need? YesStyle nails the trend with its Sweet Spring Makeup Kit, packed with essential makeup products from Korea, to complete a sweet and simple spring makeup.

9. Hair Extremes (+130%)

Long bobs (a.k.a. lobs) are universally flattering, while pixies give a chic and playful impression.

10. Geometric Manicures (+83%)

Geometric shapes and negative space can give your nails so much oomph! Work out dynamic patterns and shapes using nail strips in gold or silver.

11. Bright Eyes (+63%)

A neon lower lash line or a little shimmer at the inner corners of your eyes draw attention and enliven your makeup.

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