Hottest Fashion Trends for 2018 according to Pinterest

A new year has just begun, and I hope you’re fueled with new hopes and ambitions! Don’t forget that your closet may need some new spark too, and Pinterest is here to help. The social platform just released Pinterest 100, a report showcasing the 100 biggest trends for 2018, spanning lifestyle, fashion, beauty, wellness and more, all determined by their surge in popularity among 200 million Pinners worldwide. The numbers in the brackets indicate each trend’s year-on-year increase in terms of saves or searches. Here are the women’s fashion trends. Enjoy!

Leftmost images: Pinterest

1. Structured Earrings (+947%)

It’s time to up your earring game – and the bigger, the better! From oversized hoops to structured metal, statement earrings are a simple must-have that can instantly smarten up your outfit. Opt for wirework or thin metals to keep them lightweight.

2. Berets (+269%)

Go tres chic with a beret, the classic French hat that returned to prominence at fall runways last year. Unlike fedoras or caps, they’re quite easy to store so you might want to stock up!

3. Embellished Shoes (+222%)

Subtle embellishments like buckles, faux pearls and studs make your loafers, pumps and flats look more interesting and polished.

4. Wide-Leg Pants (+213%)

In the struggle between skinnies and wide-leg pants, Pinners tend to side with the latter. Pants and rompers with a cropped wide-leg cut have more leg room and offer a fresh alternative to typical trousers.

5. Logos (+203%)

There was a time when logos were regarded as cliché, but they’re making a comeback in street fashion and sportswear like tees, hoodies and pullovers.

6. Side Slits (+147%)

Side slits have been around for a while, and Pinterest’s data analysis proves that they’re here to stay. Slits on tunics, skirts, dresses and even pants allow for more freedom of movement and enable you to show some skin.

7. 100% Cotton Denim (+115%)

Denim jackets, skirts and jeans never fail to deliver no matter the season. Look to a fleece-lined jean jacket for colder days and a chambray shirt for summer.

8. Lucite & Patent Leather (+110%)

Lucite is arguably the best kind of acrylic available on the market with its clear appearance and scratch-resistant nature. It seems Pinners are looking for some high-shine material. Expect to see more Lucite and patent leather in shoes, bags and accessories comes 2018!

9. Long Layers (+102%)

Outerwear that goes beyond the knees offers plenty of coverage and chic. Amp up your layering game with dusters, trench coats, kimono jackets, coat dresses and knits.

10. Sheer Socks (+72%)

Sheer socks with sneakers or sandals add an edgy vibe to any outfit. For starters, go for polka dots, checks or stripes in black or white.

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