Rocking Pantone’s Color of the Year 2018

Color trend forecaster Pantone gave insight into next year’s color trends with the announcement of its Color of the Year for 2018: Ultra Violet, a blue-based purple reminiscent of wizardry and the cosmos.

Left: Prince, image by Redferns. Right: Queen Novo from “My Little Pony: The Movie”

Pantone selected the enigmatic color to stimulate imagination, thoughtfulness, technical exploration and artistic expression. The institute itself also recently created the purple shade “Love Symbol #2,” a custom color dedicated to late singer Prince.

Ultra Violet vs Love Symbol #2

Images: Pantone

As a style inspiration, Ultra Violet isn’t as hard to coordinate as you might think. The unisex color is the child of red and blue, meaning it goes well with either of its parents. It works with anything from bright pastels to mid-tones and shimmers. Ash-purple hair and manicures effortlessly make a statement. The color looks luxurious when accented with gold, but can also turn unexpectedly modern in sportswear.

Here are some of the color combinations suggested by Pantone. The color bars demonstrate the proportions of the constituent colors to create harmony. I’ve assigned each palette to a different season so you can incorporate them into your sartorial year plan:

Winter: Drama Queen

There’s no better time to highlight Ultra Violet’s association with royalty, power and wealth than Christmas. A combination of saturated earth tones like golden yellow, wine red and olive help you steal the show. Velvet is a good choice of fabric to utilize the color’s opulent nature.

Spring: Floral Fantasies

Sweet nature-inspired pastels like pink, lavender and buttercream soften the chic Ultra Violet, while a deep navy anchors the palette for a balanced look. The softer lavender hue, in particular, is useful for complementing the darker Ultra Violet while bringing out spring’s feminine mood. The final color bar comes in handy to rock an athleisure look.

Summer: Intrigue

Perhaps my favorite palette, this one combines Ultra Violet with nature’s blues and greens, as well as gold and silver, for an energetic and harmonious mix. The complementary colors also instill Ultra Violet with a nautical vibe just in time for summer.

Autumn: Quietude

Epitomizing the reflective sentiment of Ultra Violet, this soft and warm palette includes natural and organic shades like beige and mauve to convey a sense of tranquility. Start with an Ultra Violet sweater or pullover and build your look around it.

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