10 Easy Ways to Style Your Leggings Through the Holidays

10 Easy Ways to Style Your Leggings Through the Holidays

You can wear leggings to holiday dinners! There, I said it. These comfy bottoms come in plenty of cool versions like leather and suede, and are versatile, warmer than tights, and less constricting than jeans. I’m grateful for the athleisure trend for bringing leggings to all areas of our lives besides just trips to the gym. I don’t think you can ever run out of new ways to wear leggings. That being said, here are some much-needed legging outfit ideas for the holiday season.

1. Oversized Hoodie with Ruffled Hem from BBAEBBAE

This oversized hoodie and a pair of comfortable leggings are all you need to pull off a monochrome look for a night in with the girls. I love the ruffled hem for that casual flirty vibe. Add hoop earrings and a printed coat for a more dressy feel!

2. Color-Block Turtleneck Sweater from JUSTONE

Looking for an easy way to dress up your leggings? This slick two-tone turtleneck is a versatile option to layer on. Make the combo more interesting by wearing a chic skater dress underneath.

3. Candy-Striped Longline Button-Down Shirt from EINI

Candy stripes on this crisp button-down perfectly complements all my fall pieces. This oversized number looks effortless with sleek leggings, while tying it up to reveal the narrowest part of the waist instantly adds a focal point. For a cool nighttime look, pair it with a cropped sweater and ankle boots.

4. Faux Fur Leopard Print Coat from PPGIRL

Basic leggings provide a good base for you to go more over-the-top in other areas, and I’m obsessed with fluffy furry coats – these soft, cozy and incredibly edgy pieces effortlessly keep you warm while looking cool. Throw this leopard print number over a sweater and any leggings. Pairing the statement coat with wardrobe basics easily lends a casual sultry look.

5. Houndstooth Print Loose-Fit Sweater from DDADDADDA

Is wearing this merry-looking houndstooth sweater the cutest and easiest way to spread some holiday cheer? All you need is a pair of textured leggings – be it suede, leather or velvet – to go with this festive number..

6. Velvet Bomber Jacket from chuu

To some, leggings are still more acceptable as workout wear than as street-style fashion. However, a statement topper like this velvet bomber jacket would merge the two styles well – especially when worn over a comfortable pair of sneakers.

7. Frayed Oversized Denim Jacket from chuu

When your layering game is on-point, no one will even pass judgement on your leggings. The trick here is to build a look using key pieces that catch the eye. Case in point is this oversized jean jacket with frayed trims. I can’t have enough of the slouchy fit and worn-in feel. Leave it unbuttoned to show off a cool graphic tee underneath!

8. Plaid Duster Coat from Cherryville

A sleek pea coat is the perfect layer to spice up any look, especially when it’s time to head out and I’m just wearing some stretchy bottoms and a band tee purely for comfort. With a cool plaid print, and matching belt and pearl-style buttons, this topper will complete and elevate any look.

9. Velvet-Panel All-Black Sneakers from VIVIER

The number-one shoe style I can think of to wear with leggings is sneakers. Like bread and butter, this athleisure match is meant to be together. Give the classic white pair a rest this season and opt for a stylish black pair instead! Complete with velvet paneling, this style is a little edgier than the average pair and oh-so-cool.

10. Buckled Ankle Boots from VIVIER

Ankle boots are a smart choice when you want something more elevated than sneakers. For a polished way to wear leggings to work and office parties, go for leather leggings and wear them with these booties along with a boldly colored sweater layered over a crisp button-down. Chunky fringes and a gold-tone buckle take edgy to a new level.

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