High-Tech Beauty Devices to Try Now

The YS Beauty Lab

There’s no doubt electronic beauty devices are becoming increasingly accessible and affordable. From sonic face brushes to moisture-infusing hair dryers, these devices allow us to enjoy spa-grade pampering in the comfort of our homes. To keep up with the latest technology, I’ve shortlisted nine innovative beauty products that you might find useful or at least interesting.

Nano Sprays:

1. ZLiMENano Spray Device

This nano spray atomizes water, releasing it as a fine mist for better skin penetration. The portable device is about the length of an iPhone and is USB-rechargeable. Its 9ml water tank can be removed for cleaning. To use, simply fill the tank with mineral water or diluted toner, and slide to unlock. The spray will stop automatically after 50 seconds.

2. bisosuiHigh-Concentration Hydrogen Dispenser

Instead of water, Japanese brand bisosui’s High-Concentration Hydrogen Dispenser transforms an exclusive Moist Repair Essence into a fresh, highly-concentrated hydrogen mist. The nano-size hydrogen molecules easily penetrate skin and serve as a powerful antioxidant to fight age spots, wrinkles and sagging skin. It only takes 10 seconds for the device to create the mist after pressing the button.


The hefty price tag might be a bummer, but if you’re looking for a mess-free foundation applicator, this might be it. The spray features an electronic airflow control system to ensure a steady, even and refined application of the liquid foundation at the press of a button. The only drawback is you still need to apply the rest of your makeup the usual way.

At-Home Facials:

4. MythsCeuticalsEMS Color Spectrum Face Device

This all-around device improves skin tone, acne and wrinkles through mesoporation and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). Mesoporation is the art of using electrical impulses to increase the permeability of cell membranes, allowing beauty ingredients to reach deeper layers of skin. The device also features five IPL modes that use broad-spectrum light pulses to target different skin concerns. The device can work alone but is more effective when used with serums, essential oils or creams.

5. NeutrogenaFine Fairness Light Mask

Is this a new version of Jason Voorhees’ mask? Not really. Instead, it’s a mask that uses red and infrared lights to improve skin tone, reduce fine lines and restore radiance to your complexion. The built-in goggles help protect your eyes. Simply plug in the activator, put on the mask, switch it on and it’ll automatically stop after 10 minutes. The activator is powered by batteries and needs to be replaced with new ones after 30 daily treatments. A screen on the activator displays the number of treatments left. Since no chemicals are involved, this mask is suitable even for blemished skin. Just remember to refrain from using photosensitive treatments like AHAs when using this.

6. JAPAN GALSW Ion Beau Shotnizer

This ionizer (known as shotnizer in Japan) is equipped with two modes, one for removing impurities using positive ions, and the other for transporting beauty ingredients into skin using negative ions. Soak a cotton pad with water (for cleansing) or essence (for absorption) and secure it to the device. Massage for 5-10 seconds on each spot. Continue doing so for 10 minutes while ensuring your hand is in touch with the metal plate on the handle to complete the current. Use 2-3 times a week. Powered by AA batteries.

7. ThaliaIontophoresis Face Massager

This massager is powered by button batteries and works pretty much like the W Ion Beau Shotnizer except that it also boasts high-frequency vibration to promote metabolism. The price is much cheaper than the W Ion Beau, which is made in Japan.

Skin Checkers:

8. SosuImiy SkinTouch Smart Skin Checker

Knowing your skin’s condition is the first step to achieving a healthy complexion. This skin checker works like a stethoscope and can be connected to your phone by directly plugging in or using a cable. Simply press the metal probe on your skin. Data on skin’s moisture and sebum levels will show instantly on the app. The saved data can be shared, and the app can advise you which skin care products to use.

9. Life Care GikenSkin Humidity Tester

This testing sticker tells you whether your skin is normal, slightly dry or very dry in 5-10 minutes. You can use it to compare the efficacy of different moisturizers. The brand also sells stickers that indicate whether your pet is stressed, or if you’re compatible with your partner.

For the ones you’ve tried, don’t forget to leave a comment below to let me know if it works!