Mentholatum OXY 10 Maximum Strength Acne-Pimple Medication Review

The YS Beauty Lab

As indicated by its name, Mentholatum’s OXY 10 Maximum Strength Acne-Pimple Medication contains 10% benzoyl peroxide, which is the maximum dosage of benzoyl peroxide available in the market. Benzoyl peroxide works by killing acne-causing bacteria, drying up excess oil and unclogging pores. It’s nothing new, and you can find a lot of information on this topical acne treatment online.

Before I started my trial with OXY 10, I’d already been using Brevoxyl, a 4% benzoyl peroxide aqueous cream, for a month. The result was encouraging for the first month. After seeing no further progress, I decided to switch to OXY 10 in hopes of clearing away the more stubborn acne on my chin.

While Brevoxyl has eight ingredients including fragrance and alcohol, there are only three in OXY 10, which are 10% benzoyl peroxide, 0.15% methylparaben and 0.05% propylparaben. But that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily safer! Always patch-test before trying out any benzoyl peroxide products because they can cause drying, flaking, itching, redness or a burning sensation. To test for sensitivity, apply the cream to a small affected area daily for three consecutive days. Apply sunscreen and stop using any retinol product while using benzoyl peroxide.

OXY 10 comes in a tube sealed with a screw cap. The cream itself is matte white, odorless and non-greasy. It’s a little aqueous and you have to shake it well before use.

I used OXY 10 each night before sleeping. For the first week of my trial, I only dotted OXY 10 on my most severe spots, and it wasn’t long before I could see its intense drying power. The medication was absorbed into the skin almost immediately, drawing away oil and moisture as it dried. It left my skin looking matte – actually so matte that it was on the verge of flaking. I have dry and sensitive skin so I never forgot to apply a moisturizer the morning after applying benzoyl peroxide.

I applied oil to my hand, followed by OXY. The mattifying effect was almost immediate.

A problem emerged when I tried it on less severe blemishes. Zits began to appear on those areas, which then developed into reddish and painful blemishes and pimples. Perhaps it’s drying out my skin too much, or the medication is just too strong for my skin. In the end, I had to quit using OXY 10 and return to Brevoxyl.

It took my skin more than a month to recover. Sorry to say but OXY 10 just doesn’t work for my dry and sensitive skin. It may do well for severe acne or excessively oily skin, or for when the weather gets extremely hot and humid. Maybe I was wrong from the beginning for losing patience and not being loyal enough to Brevoxyl. For now, OXY 10 will sit quietly in my drawer until the next time I’m desperate for a very strong acne cure. I’d recommend starting with the milder OXY 5 if you’ve never tried any benzoyl peroxide products before. There’s also the beige colored OXY Cover which contains 10% benzoyl peroxide if you wish to conceal your pimples while helping them to heal.

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