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I’ve gotten used to products that claim to multi-task, like a cream that handles whitening, anti-wrinkle, blemish-fighting, etc. Finding a product that promises to do one simple job makes me skeptical. Enter the Rosette Gommage Peeling Gel, a Japanese skin care product that does what it says: exfoliate skin.

“Gommage” is a French word that means “to erase.” There are many gommage exfoliators in the market right now, ranging from drugstore varieties to high-end brands. The 120g Rosette Gommage Peeling Gel comes in blue (original), red (moist) and retails for less than US$10 on YesStyle, aand also in a cute 140g Hello Kitty version.

Rosette Gommage Peeling Gels

Rosette – Gommage Peeling Gel | Rosette – Gommage Peeling Gel Moist | Rosette – Hello Kitty Apple Gommage Peeling

Physical vs. Chemical Exfoliation

I can’t remember the last time I used a physical exfoliator. I’ve been using chemical ones like the COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner and By Wishtrend Vitamin C Serum for the past few months since it felt safer for me than rubbing my skin with harsh scrubs.

However, using the Rosette Gommage Peeling Gel these past few weeks has made me rediscover how therapeutic manual exfoliation can be. Rubbing the gel on my face and feeling the little balls of skin slide off was like popping a pimple! Instant gratification!

So what exactly is behind this gommage gel? It includes a combination of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) like lactic acid, citric acid and malic acid. These are effective in breaking down the “glue” that holds cells together, making it easier to slough off dead skin. Malic acid can be found in apples and most fruit enzymes. Some gommage peels use cellulose, while others use carbomer, like the Rosette Gommage Peeling Gel. These ball up upon contact with the natural oil on your skin (sebum), and turn into tiny, grayish lumps that also contain dead skin and surface dirt.

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Simple, Basic Yet Effective

The semi-translucent gel has a subtle fruity-floral scent that isn’t too cloying. I don’t like scented skin care products but the fragrance was a great accompaniment while I rubbed the gel on my cheeks, forehead and nose. The combined effect was rather hypnotic, so it was a good thing I had set a timer during the process to avoid over-exfoliating my skin. The smell disappeared as soon as I rinsed the gel off.

Despite skipping my usual chemical exfoliants two weeks before using the product, my face barely yielded any clumps after using the gel once a week. I guess that means my face didn’t have that much excess oil or debris left after cleansing.

I was a little disappointed that my face didn’t peel much, to be honest.

Do note that this gel needs to be used on freshly cleansed, dry skin. I use this right after double-cleansing. Applying toner and any acne treatments afterwards makes my skin tingle in a good way. The dark spots left by a very recent bout of hormonal acne have faded slightly and the troubled area is now smoother. I also discovered that my skin absorbs other skin care products faster, thus reducing my waiting time between applications.

Dead skin cells and excess oil may cause not only blackheads, whiteheads and acne, but also prevent your skin care products from doing their work properly by blocking their absorption into your skin. Removing all that debris ensures your skin gets the moisture, nourishment and treatment it needs to be healthier, and the Rosette Gommage Peeling Gel does that job very well.

Here’s a video on how to use the Rosette Gommage Peeling Gel (in Japanese only).

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