10 Non-Costumes That Will Get You in the Spirit of Halloween

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Die-hard fans of Halloween may plan their costumes months in advance. Here are ten HR-approved ways to appear “festive” for the occasion. These looks are easy to put together while totally wearable time and time again. You won’t end up looking like a pumpkin, I promise!

1. Striped Bodycon Dress from UUZONE

Orange and black work as an effortless seasonal color combo come fall. This striped bodycon dress already has these two shades well-coordinated for you. The “Halloween” connection is subtle. Just add black ankle boots and you’re ready for work.

2. Orange Floral Dress from migunstyle

Wear a vibrant floral dress and go monochrome on accessories, or pull off a “grunge princess” look with combat boots and choker. You might even have all the accessories you need in your closet already!

3. Salmon Distressed Sweater from TOM & RABBIT

The beauty of this festive orange sweater lies in its simplicity and versatility, while distressed detailing easily brings an edgy look. Just put on tangerine lipstick and ripped jeans. The look will never be out-of-place whatever your plans.

4. Gingham Batwing Cape from UUZONE

Spread your wings like Batman this Halloween – just subtler to make it office-appropriate. This gingham topper is the perfect transition piece. When worn with dark patent boots, it gives a slight witchy vibe, which is perfect for the occasion.

5. Unicorn Sweatshirt from Passaggio

The unicorn is probably the least scary option for a costume. But if you can’t be bothered to put together a glittery, rainbow-hued outfit, this candy-color sweatshirt may just be the lazy option you need – and by you, I mean me!

6. Tutu from Momiji

Will we ever get tired of the signature tutu from the opening credits of Sex and the City? While the shoes have plenty of memorable looks, this one is the ultimate ensemble. Tuck in a tight tank or cami, add strappy heels, and get ready for a fun night out! Big curly locks are optional.

7. Denim Jumpsuit from DABAGIRL

Another casual retro piece is the denim jumpsuit a la Rosie the Riveter. Team with a leather belt and red bandana updo to bring sass to the party.

8. Pink Tweed Matching Dress Set from LunarS

Among all Harry Potter costumes, Professor Dolores Umbridge’s might be the easiest to pull off. For that evil yet wacky librarian look, opt for this vintage pink tweed two-piece dress suit. I’d add the signature pill box hat, plus chunky jewelry and pink heels to match.

9. Two-Tone Heeled Sandals from Freesia

If you prefer sticking to everyday outfits, consider rocking the traditional Halloween colors of orange and black with these sleek two-tone heels. The clean lines and exclusion of excessive details make them a versatile, cool-girl option no matter the occasion.

10. Multi-Colored Pointed Woven Flats from Rideon

These pointed flats give us another stylish way to wear orange. Wear with a cobalt blue dress – the unexpected color combo will more than make up for the intended lack of costume!

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