Fall 17/18 Trend Forecast from Fashion Snoops

Trend forecasting company Fashion Snoops recently announced upcoming trends in the Asian fashion market during the CENTRESTAGE fashion event organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. The company listed five macro-trends that will impact fashion over the next year, namely “Nowstalgia,” “Beaux Arts,” “Raw Coast,” “New Luxury” and “Action.” Let’s get inspired!

1. Nowstalgia

This trend looks at the past through the lens of today. Blurring digital and analogue elements, the trend is exemplified by classic jewelry designs incorporating emoji imagery.

2. Beaux Arts

In response to several seasons of athletic wear, people are now looking for a more intellectual and bookish feel. This trend is showcased by an eclectic mix of 70s-inspired colors such as burnt orange, patterns such as the classic chevron, and textiles such as denim.

3. Journey

This trend embodies Vietnamese wildlife and cultural aesthetics through colors inspired by the jungles of Vietnam incorporated into the country’s cultural and military designs.

4. New Luxury

This trend represents the desire for genuine quality and natural materials. Designs are inspired by classic architecture and stonework to create statuesque silhouettes, and dramatic movement from materials such as satin and silk. A sumptuous range of neoclassical hues such as garnet red and milky marbles is featured in this trend.

5. Action

Rebelling against high society, this trend sees military aspects in an urban setting by merging hip-hop attitudes with brash, punk sensibilities. Materials used include scorched denim, rugged canvas and mesh.

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