Fashion Pieces to Reconsider & What to Invest In When You Turn 30

As you grow older so should your wardrobe. Compared to when you were in your 20s, perhaps you now have greater responsibilities or a different job title and need to look more dressed up. Maybe a decrease in metabolism requires more figure-forgiving clothes. Given these factors, your dress sense may need to evolve to match your age.

1. Graphic T-Shirt → Plain Tee

You might reconsider wearing funky cartoon and slogan T-shirts. If you’re worried that people will question your maturity due to your tee choices, switch to finely fabricated monochromatic shirts. Avoid skinny or oversized tees and look for a fitted shoulder-length. A marled gray tee with a chest pocket is a good starting point.

2. Crop Top → Slinky Camisole

Even Britney Spears outgrew this look! (Didn’t she?) Instead of baring your hopefully not-sagging midriff, how about flaunting your décolletage with a slinky camisole? Look to luxurious materials like chiffon, velvet or suede to make the look even more alluring.

3. Mini Skirt → Midi Skirt

It doesn’t matter if you have enviable legs – if you continue to wear minis, some onlookers may think that you’re dressing too young. If this is a concern, it could be time to invest in skirts with longer hemlines, like a midi pencil skirt or maxi dress.

4. Hot Pants → Structured Shorts

Ultra-short denim cutoffs may not be suitable for all occasions. If you still need to wear shorts, but want to look less casual, invest in structured pairs like those with a high paper-bag waist, flat-fronts or with strategic pleats. Make sure the fabric is sturdy too! A slender leather belt or self-fabric sash can help define your waistline and add an architectural element.

5. Low-Rise Jeans → Boyfriend Jeans

Low-rise jeans have had their day in the sun. As you grow older, you’ll realize that ripped jeans, or vintage styles like flared or mom’s jeans are less of an option. Even skinny jeans can make you look old. My advice is to try the more timeless and relaxed boyfriend jeans.

6. Bodycon Dress → Cocktail Dress

Move on from bodycon unless you’re Kim Kardashian. There are many dresses out there that are more graceful, tasteful and appropriate. Get yourself a backless cocktail dress or slit wrap dress. Bring a shawl with you for evening occasions – it keeps you warm and makes you look more sophisticated.

7. Overalls → Jumpsuit

Let’s face it, many of us are past the age for denim overalls. A chiffon jumpsuit would be so much more feminine, fashionable and figure-flattering.

8. Leggings → Tailored Joggers

Leggings show all your curves – which may not be as attractive as they used to be. A tutu skirt plus leggings and platform sneakers, in particular, are a big no-no for those wanting to look like grown-ups. To tap into the athleisure trend, why not wear a pair of tailored joggers with a smart button-down and loafers? It still keeps you comfy, nimble and stylish.

9. Platform Sneakers → Loafers

Platform sneakers might just be pushing it. I’m not telling you to abandon sneakers; a box-fresh white pair would be nice. But if possible, switch to loafers or mules. You’ll look more polished that way.

10. Costume Jewelry → Minimalistic Jewelry

Just as a guy in his 30s needs a better wrist watch, a woman in her 30s should invest in a few proper jewelry pieces. Ditch your yesteryear fashion jewelry for something simpler but classier. Opt for accessories with a subtle edge – people will appreciate your taste.

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