Nikki’s Inbox: Simple But Impressive Style

I really enjoy reading your blog! I’ve been a reader-follower for about 3 years now, and I really love reading the advice you give, so I decided to gather some courage to ask you for some help.

I’m 5’0 flat, though I wish I could be taller (T_T). I think I’m pretty pear-like with measurements of 32-25-36, and I’m always pretty conscious about my thighs and hips. I’m a senior in high school right now, so I wanna leave some sort of impression before graduating. I’ve always been the quiet type and my wardrobe is mainly composed of black, white, blue, and some pink (my favorite color) and a lot of nautical striped tops and boyfriend- styled tops. Every now and then I wear skirts or dresses, but I mainly wear pants and shorts. I really like simple-style clothing, but I think I’ve been wearing too much of the same striped tops with the same black pants/jeans.

Do you have any advice on how to add some variety, while still keeping it pretty simple?

Thank you so much!

Jackie, 16/USA

I always love hearing from long-time followers like you, Jackie. I’m also a fan of simple styles — it’s like a second skin and you always feel comfortable wearing it — and it’s perfectly fine to do so. But it can get you into a rut and then find it difficult to try new looks.

You may or may not be a pear, darling. If you have broad shoulders that are similar in width to your hips, then you might be an hourglass shape, or even a figure 8. It’s not as cut-and-dried when it comes to body shapes, because we’re all unique after all. So let’s start with something easy, shall we?

Make Color Changes

This is something I always recommend regularly. You’d be surprised to find how simply adding more colors to your wardrobe can really change how you look. Your current nautical stripes will look new paired with burgundy, baby blue, mint green, gray or white jeans.

If you’re really into the nautical trend, don’t restrict it to the usual stripes. A nautical-inspired color palette such as red, white and blue, or white and navy blue will definitely look the part. You can also wear your stripes as part of a mock two-piece sweater, blouse or hoodie.

Mix It Up

For a change, why not put the stripes at the bottom? Wide-leg and flared pants are quite trendy these days, and on YesStyle we even have them with vertical stripes. If you’re worried about them making your hips and thighs look bigger, relax — it’s all down to the fabric. Choose fabrics that flow instead of cling (less of the stretchy material like Spandex and Lycra) so it hangs well on your bottom half. Go for a mid-calf length so you can still show some leg. Extra details like paperbag waistlines or self-fabric belts make it look tres chic. Tuck in a cute print tee and show off that 25-inch waist! They go well with flats, sneakers and ankle boots alike.

Go for Structure

Wearing structured pieces help visually balance your vertical and horizontal body shapes, especially those areas you’re concerned about like your hips and thighs. If you’re wearing a loose sweater, fitted bottoms can help to make you look less shapeless, and vice versa. But on the whole, getting used to wearing structured pieces, like a classic long-sleeved shirt or a sleek pea coat, makes you look more elegant and put together. Adding sharp angles like V-necklines, scalloped edging or ladder-like cutouts also lets you pull off a structured style.

For That Great Impression

On days when you’re too lazy to bother getting really dressed up (C’mon, we all have those days, don’t we?), the right accessories can save the day. Instead of a typical canvas backpack, a handsome faux leather one can make you stand out in the crowd. Cute headgear like suede baseball caps or beanies, statement jewelry, sweet scarves, and a collection of uber-cute pens and sticky notes can make a huge difference.

Good luck with your senior year!

P.S. If you’re sending a question, please don’t forget to include any helpful information about your body type or shape, your tastes or personality. You can include a selfie (link only please) or a photo of your clothes (which I will never publish without pre-approval). Thank you!

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