The Best Face and Body Patches You Need

The YS Beauty Lab

If you suffer from pimples, dark circles, dry and red cheeks, rough knees or cracked heels, put a patch on it! Having a stash of skin care patches can come in handy in case of an emergency, such as a formal event, a sudden weekend getaway or a job interview. While some of the effects may be temporary, regular use may result in marked improvement over time. Below are some of the popular and bestselling face and body patches at YesStyle.

Pimples & Blemishes

Pimple patches like the bestselling ones from COSRX are a true life-saver when you wake up with a sudden zit on your nose or right between your eyebrows like a bullseye. Even a painful pimple that stubbornly stays under the skin is no match — just apply a patch over it for a few days and it will flatten in no time!


Eye concerns range from dark circles and puffiness to crow’s feet and dry skin around the eyes. At some point, your face will play host to all of these, though hopefully not at the same time. These particular patches are ideal for a long-term or maintenance skin care routine to keep eyes hydrated and smooth.


Lip balms can only go so far in moisturizing lips. These lip patches are designed to cover your entire lip area so that the highly moisturizing essence can soak though. Your lips end up smoother for a longer period of time, and less prone to feathering or caking when you apply your favorite matte liquid lip color.

Neck and Jawline

As we age, skin loses elasticity, hence the start of a sagging jawline or neck. The absorbent and hydrogel material of these patches not only infuses skin with nourishing and firming ingredients such as collagen, but also gently lifts and stretches skin to minimize wrinkles.


For a quick, temporary fix to shave a few centimeters around your waist, these body patches might be the solution. These self-heating, adhesive patches can be applied on targeted areas of your torso like the stomach, abdomen or thighs.

Legs and Feet

A savior after a long day of standing or walking, these patches come in both cooling and warming variants, and can be used by anyone! Use the patches on your calves or foot soles to soothe the aches away.

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