SKIN&LAB Red Serum Review

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I’ve always heard about the amazing anti-aging powers of pomegranate. Despite being not that keen on the fruit itself, I wanted to try a pomegranate-based beauty product. I finally got the chance with Red Serum from SKIN&LAB.

The serum claims to be a well-rounded product with anti-aging, brightening, soothing and hydrating benefits. A phyto red complex comprising extracts from pomegranate, raspberry, cloudberry, blueberry, acai berry and lycium serves as the star ingredient. Lycopene and ellagic acid in these red fruits help prevent cellular oxidation and collagen damage. Niacinamide and adenosine are added to brighten skin and improve wrinkles. It also contains 2.5% witch hazel leaf extract to soothe skin.

The Red Serum is part of SKIN&LAB’s Dr. Color Effect collection, which also includes the following products:

Red Cream (using Damask rose stem cells for moisturizing)
Yellow Essence Spray (using orchid flower ferment for brightening)
Green Gel-Oil (using marine collagen for moisturizing)

The recommended dose is three to four drops of the Red Serum every morning and night after applying toner, followed by the Red Cream.

The lacquered glass bottle is definitely eye candy. With its shimmery red color and sleek, bold typeface, it looks more like makeup than a skincare product. Since it comes with a dropper, it also reminds me of mercurochrome. The serum itself is transparent, aqueous and strongly scented. At first I was worried that the strong fragrance might cause my skin to break out, but luckily it doesn’t. In fact, this is one of the best serums I’ve ever tried. No kidding!

Despite having an aqueous texture, the serum feels like aromatic oil minus any greasiness or stickiness. It spreads out super easily and is immediately absorbed by my dry, sensitive skin. I was having a major breakout during my trial, and to my relief the serum improved my skin. The most obvious result was on my wrinkles and fine lines. Within a week, I could already see the fine lines on my forehead and at the corners of my eyes and mouth fading away. My skin became smoother and more radiant. Although the stubborn zits and scars on my chin remained, the breakout area was reduced and my skin became more resilient. I could also see some of the newer acne scars diminishing. It’s not very hydrating so I always apply a moisturizer afterwards.

The greatest thing about this serum is its ability to improve skin texture. It lives up to its claim of being a well-rounded serum, but it’s the anti-aging effect that’s worth praising. I’ve been using four drops each night for two weeks and I can already see significant improvements in the overall condition of my skin. In fact, I used eight drops during my first trial just because it felt so good. I never knew my skin was so in need of nutrition until I used this serum. I’m over 30, and my skin is prone to premature aging symptoms and irritation. This serum simply makes me look and feel younger.

Red Serum, how I wish I discovered you earlier! Now I can only hope that you won’t be discontinued anytime soon so I can see some long-term effects.

Here’s a YesStyle video showing a nighttime skin care routine using the three bestselling products from SKIN&LAB (Glacial Clay Facial Mask, Red Serum and Red Cream). Enjoy!

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