Hot Ways to Show Off Your Bralette

As a member of the flat-chested society, I wear padded camisoles instead of wired bras. They are especially useful when wearing sheer tops or button-downs. But for those who want something sexier, I recommend to take it one step further by wearing a bralette.

A bralette is a padded or unpadded bra without any wire. It’s softer, more carefree, and ideal for women with a small to average-size bust. Most importantly, it doesn’t look awkward when you show it off. Pair it with the following items for sizzling hot looks!

With Button-Downs

Bralettes and button-downs are a match made in heaven. The layered, wide V neckline created by the combo makes your bust look fuller. They also benefit pear shapes by creating an hourglass illusion. Wear a fitted lace bralette and contrast it with a loose chiffon shirt. Leave a few of the top buttons unbuttoned. The good thing about shirts is that you can easily adjust how much you’re showing.

With Sheer Dresses

Wear a strappy-back bralette with a bareback babydoll dress, or just let your entire bralette peep through a sheer or crocheted sundress. Go white-on-white if you want to play Greek goddess, or match a plain bralette with a floral tunic for added summery vibes. Throw on a pair of white denims cutoffs and a basket bag and you’re ready to rock the beach!

With One-Shoulder Tops

One-shoulder and off-shoulder tops are another trick to create an hourglass illusion for pear-shaped ladies. However, these tops can make you look too exposed, especially in portrait photos. Embellish your bared shoulders with an elegant strap from your bralette. Since you’ll need to show no more than a strap or two from your bralette for this style, avoid fancy designs and look for the plainest options.

With Tank Tops

Last but not least, layer your bralette under a tank top for an athleisure look. You can even use a bralette with cross-straps at the front to create an illusion neckline.

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