Trendy Beach Bags to Get You Holiday Ready

It’s been raining often in Hong Kong. How I wish the sun would come out again! I’d just lie on the beach and chill out.

For now, I can only feast my eyes on these ravishing beach bags that remind me of summer’s energetic and vibrant nature. Raffia is doubtlessly the material of choice for summery bags, but I’ve also included rattan, bamboo and mesh in this list to spice things up. If you’re off for an island getaway or a beach party, these bags might help!


Raffia may not be the most comfortable material for bags (If you prefer slouchy, soft bags, I recommend knit). Nonetheless, raffia is cool to the touch, non-clingy and sturdy enough to form beautifully structured designs. All these make it an ideal material for beach bags. Look for raffia basket bags worthy of a beach picnic!


I was shocked when I first saw these bamboo clutches. The iconic designs are crafted entirely with bamboo slates and cords, including the closures. They look like Japanese soba plates to me, and I wonder if anyone will really be putting them into use. But hey, isn’t summer the best time to be bold and experimental? Bring these to a party to rock the show! Alternatively, you can opt for a bamboo handle a la Gucci.


What? Isn’t that the mesh bag my mom uses for grocery-shopping? Yes, it’s now a thing! Get them in different colors, and dump them into the washing machine when they get dirty.

Hoop Handle

Although the hoop trend has died down a bit, its influence on bag designs is still strong. The hoop top handle is merged with the bucket and basket bags for a refreshing, summery look.


Nylon canvas in red, white and blue stripes is representative of Hong Kong culture – it can be seen on large carriage bags and hawker stalls everywhere in the city. Never could I have imagined that this pattern would be used on sturdy totes and still look fashionable.


A big decorative buckle in the center of a satchel is all it takes to look trendy. Unlike the funkier trends that use raffia, rattan, bamboo, mesh or bold stripes, this trend is definitely easier to wear, and complements more formal and understated clothing and occasions.

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