W.Lab Aqua Holic Review

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Now that summer is here, I’m ramping up hydration by drinking more water and applying plenty of sunscreen. I also make sure that my skin doesn’t dry out from the intense heat with the help of moisturizing creams such as W.Lab’s Aqua Holic.

While most hydrating creams use hyaluronic acid to retain moisture, Aqua Holic uses sea buckthorn instead as its primary ingredient. The sea buckthorn fruit (Hippophae rhamnoides) contains high amounts of Vitamins C and E, as well as carotenoids, flavonoids and beneficial fatty acids, and higher amounts of Vitamin B12 compared to other fruits. Other ingredients in the Aqua Holic cream include aloe barbadensis, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, arbutin as well as trace amounts of herbal and fruit extracts.

The cream has a lightweight, gel cream texture and comes in an 80ml aquamarine-colored tube, making it easy to apply and include in your carry-on. I usually keep it in the fridge as I enjoy the cooling sensation whenever I use it.

Moisturizing creams are usually the last step in your skin care regimen, acting as a sealant to ensure all the goodness of the previous products stay inside skin. I used the Aqua Holic cream during a recent vacation and it was put to the test in a very dry environment (5% humidity). Unused to such conditions, I suffered some minor breakouts. With a little help from some blemish-fighting products plus more hydrating products like hyaluronic acid serums, I was able to keep everything under control. Major skin disaster averted!

Small hole in the cap controls the amount. A silver foil sticker seals the opening of the tube itself.

But in an environment like Hong Kong, where summer also means 100% humidity most of the time, moisturizing creams can sometimes contribute to excessive oiliness especially during the day. Those with dry and dehydrated skin may not find this a problem but not for my combination skin. This is why I use the Aqua Holic cream before bedtime when the aircon has cooled down the ambient temperature. A light layer means it’s less likely to feel sticky and my face still gets the benefits of the sea buckthorn and other nourishing ingredients. I also apply a little bit on my elbows, knees, the tops of my feet and hands because a little does go a long way.

It absorbs quickly on my hands but on my face, it takes a few minutes.

The W.Lab’s Aqua Holic. retails for an affordable US $16.90 for the 80ml tube.

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