Good Tidings for Summer

Being quite lazy, I’m not a fan of troublesome waist sashes and lace-ups. But after seeing so many knotted garments around me these days, I’m beginning to change my mind. To push their creativity to the fullest, fashion designers incorporated self-fabric sashes and drawcords on the shoulders, at the sides of the waist and more so you can wrap yourself up in as many knots as you wish. Knots are an art form and they decorate you like a present. Let’s find out what’s knotty and nice!


The design is nothing new but it is gaining momentum as sleeveless tops make their move to the top for summer. Tie-shoulders look best on camisoles by having a bow on each side, but it can also be used in one-shoulder designs to draw attention.


The easiest way to pull off tie-cuffs is with off-shoulder blouses styled with elbow-length slit sleeves. The cinched design can also create ruffled or flared cuffs, which are both trendy.


A big bow on the chest means you only need minimal accessories to make yourself look dressed up. It’s cute, sweet and fuss-free since you don’t have to worry about the ends dangling or tangling when you move.


Instead of the Victorian lace-up back, try getting a top or dress with a cutout back covered by a big bow. Leave a little something to the imagination by showing just enough skin.


Show off your waist with a knotted crop top, or hide your belly with a paperbag tie-waist skirt or shorts. Let the dramatic, sculptural silhouette speak for itself.


Tie-ankle sandals are also a must-have this summer. The good thing about this design is that it helps to secure your feet to the shoes. Go for fringed, tasseled or satin versions for a luxurious appeal, or espadrille wedges for bohemian flair.

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