Kracie Hadabisei Tightening Moisturizing Facial Mask Review

The YS Beauty Lab

As charcoal is the “it” beauty ingredient of the moment, I’m pleased to try Japanese brand Kracie’s Hadabisei Tightening Moisturizing Facial Mask which is my very first black, charcoal-infused sheet mask. Kracie’s Eye Zone Masks are now one of my favorites when it comes to eye care so I’m hoping that these facial masks also do a stellar job.

The Hadabisei Tightening Masks come in a box of four and are each drenched in 18ml of serum formulated with ceramides, amino acids, and water from Okinawan hot springs rich in minerals and nutrients. The amount of serum may sound paltry compared to Taiwanese and Korean masks, and even other Japanese ones which may contain as much as 33 grams of essence. However, what I do like about these masks from the get-go is that they have no discernible fragrance. The Hadabisei website states that the masks do not use any artificial fragrances or coloring.

With all the Japanese sheet masks I’ve used so far, the odd sizing and cutouts for the eyes, nose and mouth are always an issue. Imagine my surprise when these charcoal-infused masks fit my face pretty well. Not a perfect fit, mind you, but it does cover my face up to the edges at least. This is saying something because I have a chubby face.

Despite the mask sheet’s lack of thickness compared to other brands, it’s sufficiently soaked for me, which means no dripping. The lack of extra serum might be an issue for others but not for me. It’s easier to move around because the mask maintains a good grip on my skin.

Another plus for this mask: It takes about 25 minutes for it to start drying up. After removing it, my face looks fresh and moisturized. Is there any tightening effect at all? It’s more noticeable on my T-zone and chin areas, as the skin looks smoother and tighter there.

With its current retail price of US$11.61 for a box of four sheets, this mask seems better off for semi-regular instead of everyday use. But if price isn’t an issue, I highly recommend the Kracie’s Hadabisei Tightening Moisturizing Facial Mask for delivering on its promises without the fanfare.

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