Nikki’s Inbox: What To Wear If You’re Not A Skinny Pear

I have trouble styling clothes for my body type. I’m a skinny pear shape with a small chest (32B). I have a rather small waist compared to the rest of my body (84cm-63cm-90cm). I really don’t like how my hips are the main point of my body basically, especially since I’m not thick at all (I weigh around 48 kg). Are there any tips you can give me to balance out my proportions? I would be really grateful. Thank you!

Sarah, 18/France

Bonjour, Sarah, and thanks for writing! Since your email is short and sweet, I’ll make sure that my reply is equally direct as well.

Focus on Your Assets, Not Liabilities

We’re all prone to beating ourselves up for our visible and perceived imperfections. However, please believe me when I tell you that based on the measurements you gave me, you’re not a pear shape but an hourglass! The difference between your bust and hips is a very negligible – and most likely barely noticeable – six centimeters or only two inches (TWO!). Don’t look at which body part is the biggest but focus instead on those that make you look good, which is your waist. Now you’ve got the answer!

Make The Cut

There’s no better time to show off that svelte figure of yours than now! It’s summer so you have the perfect excuse to wear crop tops, or do some creative, breezy layering with bralettes and bandeaus. If you haven’t tried the athleisure trend yet, you can do it with some brightly colored sports bras under a light or semi-sheer tank top or T-shirt. Pair them with high-waisted shorts, skater skirts or wide-leg pants.

Visibly See-Through

Summer is also the season to rock sheer or see-through clothing. Strategic sheer insets like fishnet, tulle or mesh at the waist work great at showing off that enviable waistline of yours, Sarah. There are tops that come with a see-through lower half, and dresses that have sheer insets at the waist in case you want a more elegant vibe for a nice occasion.

Brace That Waist

A very easy method to highlight that 24-inch waist is through the use of belts. Transform a longline T-shirt or tunic into a catwalk-worthy frock by simply wearing an eye-catching belt. Doing so emphasizes your shape better. With dresses, opt for a wide patent version or a woven one for a hint of cottage chic. You can even wear an obi-style belt or a lace-up one to style a long shirt or blouse, especially one with trendy flared cuffs to look totally boho.

A-Lines, High- and Low-Rise Bottoms

Of course, we mustn’t forget your bottoms such as skirts, shorts and jeans, plus dresses! It goes without saying that A-lines are your best choice for dresses, Sarah, especially those with a defined waistline, done by gathers, drawcords or tie-sash details. If not, you can always use a belt. Low-rise jeans, and high-waist shorts and skirts are perfect with your crop tops. They show off your waist without being too out there.

I hope my suggestions have given you a new and more positive opinion about your body, Sarah!

Ask Nikki will be taking a short break and will be back on June 16. See you then!

P.S. If you’re sending a question, please don’t forget to include any helpful information about your body type or shape, your tastes or personality. You can include a selfie (link only please) or a photo of your clothes (which I will never publish without pre-approval). Thank you!

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