Easy, Breezy, Summery Dresses

Dresses have the advantage of keeping you comfortable even in hot and humid temperatures. Many are designed to hide your belly, such as A-line dresses, meaning you can eat as much as you want. The best thing is they make you look all dressed up in a jiffy. To prep you for those lazy sunny days, here are the most easy-going and flattering summer dresses to go for. With a relaxed fit but alluring details, these dresses are neither too sexy nor boring, which makes them just perfect for everyday wear:

Ruffled Off-Shoulder

Combining two of the hottest trends, ruffled off-shoulder dresses conceal fleshy upper arms while visually boosting the bust. Just make sure you’re not drowning in excess fabric. A belt or waist sash will help define your waist and create contrast with the ruffles.


Crochet carries an unparalleled rustic and bohemian mood, making it ideal for summer. Nothing beats a white or ivory dress with tonal crochet trimming. You can also play with layering by wearing a slip dress under a sheer crocheted lace dress.

Blue and White

By now, you may have realized that most dresses I picked for this article are in blue and white. I have to admit that I just love the chinoiserie vibe exuding from dainty indigo and white florals. Sky blue and white is also a smart combination reminiscent of the azure summer sky.

Vertical Stripes

Breton stripes are undoubtedly a failsafe and summery look, but are too common. It even reminds me of the Hamburglar character from McDonalds. To avoid outfit clashes, I suggest wearing light-hued vertical stripes, or even stripes arranged diagonally or perpendicularly.


Gingham is a major trend this summer and you know why: it’s retro, and it makes you want to go for a picnic. Black and white gingham is a safe bet, but feel free to switch to blue, red or a mix of all these colors.

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