Nikki’s Inbox: The Pixie, The Punk Chick and The Mori Girl

Hey! I’ve been going through the posts and have found some really helpful advice! I really appreciate what you’re doing here!

I’ve got a problem and I’m not sure if there is an actual solution. I think I do have a feminine figure but since I’ve cut my hair to a pixie cut (from waist length!), I feel I look very boyish in my current style. People often think I’m 12 or 14 because of my small face. I generally wear comfy sweatshirts, skinny jeans, and black band tees. I only ever get experimental with shoes! High heels, sneakers, military boots – I got ’em!

My dimensions are 5 feet in height, weight is about 110 lbs.; and pants are a size 1 but I go up to a 3 to fit my toned calves and high waist to hide my tummy. Short sleeves and loose long sleeves are the best for me and I’m an A/B cup and happy!

Basically, I would like to feel and look more feminine and older, without showing a lot of skin or wearing a lot of pink. I’m a fan of the mori look but also of the more bad-ass punk look. I have all kinds of skirts but I don’t know how to match a top with it!

I would really appreciate your help, and I hope you’re doing well! (Sorry if I was a bit wordy.)

Elizabeth, 19/North Carolina, USA

Dearest Elizabeth, thank you for your kind words, but most of all, thanks for being happy in your own skin!

Wear Your Confidence Like Skin

Last week, I told Kyle (who’s actually a girl) that she doesn’t have to wear pink or pastels to show she’s a woman. So the same advice holds for you too, darling. Instead of going for girly pink, why not go for a more confidence-boosting and bodacious red? It’s bright, bold and needs no additional embellishment to make a statement. You can wear it as a pattern or print, as part of your outfit, or as an accessory. Now you know why Christian Louboutin’s blood-red heels are so coveted by women. Wearing all white is also another gutsy option as most people opt for black, pastels or primary colors most of the time.

Mix or Switch Colors & Textures

At first glance, it seems like mori style and punk fashion can never work together, like oil and water. But by borrowing certain elements from both styles, we can come up with a rather unique look. One way to do that is going for an earth-toned palette, which is a hallmark of the mori style. Instead of a black leather or bomber jacket (if you have one of those), why not go for a camel, tan or even creamy version? Other versions can be sheer in mesh or tulle.

Give your band tees added dimension by knotting the shirt tail at your waist to give it a more fitted and shorter look, and layer a sheer, lace-trim camisole over it. Voila! No skin involved but you’ll definitely look more edgy. Since most of your band tees are black, opt for a contrasting color for your cami to make it stand out. You can try pairing see-through camis over graphic or plain-colored T-shirts for color play as well.

Wear Your Skirts!

I don’t know why you’re not wearing your skirts, Elizabeth, because you’ve got toned legs and what sounds like a great collection of shoes. Not everyone is lucky enough to have all three! But since you didn’t tell me what styles of skirts you have — A-lines, mini skirts, denim, ruffled or pencil skirts? — it’s kind of difficult to suggest anything. But since you like high-waist jeans, why not opt for a similar look with your skirt? Go with a full-tuck or half-tucked top inside the waistband, and cinch with a wide belt (obi-style belts are cool, as are woven and stretchy dress belts).

If you want to go mori-punk again, I encourage you to get one of our popular inset skirt leggings— the ones that come with a mock plaid shirt. Try it with a fitted crewneck short-sleeve tee and crocheted vest, and finish with sheer lacy socks that peep on top of your boots. Again, no skin showcase needed! On the other hand, achieve maxi impact by a wearing your knotted tee or a cutout/ slit-sleeve top with a knee- or midcalf-length ballerina-style skirt in black or white. Team with your choice of heels, or white sneakers with lacy socks.

Distressed and Dainty

The mesh trend is very popular right now as seen in tops or under jeans. But who says you always have to go with the flow? Instead of layering fishnet tights under distressed skinny jeans or mini skirts, go for daintily patterned tights — tiny yet subtle bows, florals, etc. — under your ripped jeans as a reflection of your mori soul. Bomber jackets can also sport some embroidery or studs on the sleeves, if you feel that way.

Empire-cut and high-waist dresses are the ultimate rock-chick gear (Hint: Have you seen “Pride, Prejudice and Zombies?”). Go for florals and contrast them with distressed tights or leggings with leather insets. Wear them with patent Mary Jane flats or platform pumps, or with your trusty Doc Martens.

Lastly, don’t forget accessories. You can go for brooches in vintage finishes like brass, woven bracelets, ring-detailed berets, and feather earrings and necklaces. Good luck, my dear!

P.S. If you’re sending a question, please don’t forget to include any helpful information about your body type or shape, your tastes or personality. You can include a selfie (link only please) or a photo of your clothes (which I will never publish without pre-approval). Thank you!

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