Swimwear to Invest in This Summer

This season’s swimwear is full of exciting elements. From retro, high-cut maillots that go just past the hipline, plus plunging necklines and strategic cutouts, to the latest details like ruffles, gingham and fishnet, the combinations are just endless! To make for easier browsing, I grouped the trends under 3 main categories: sexy, sweet, and sporty. I hope you find your ideal match here. Have fun frolicking at the beach and on the yacht!


High-Cut Legs & Plunging Necklines

A Baywatch-inspired high-cut leg and plunging neckline create a V shape on your body (yes, it looks quite like a mankini), visually boosting your bust and slimming your waist. It’s also very 80s and utterly sexy. The drawback is you’ll need a full bikini wax, and it may not be very comfortable when you move around with so little coverage.

Mesh Panels

Fishnet is the go-to trend this season, including swimwear. Filling strategic cutouts with mesh or fishnet insets allows you to subtly bare your skin and streamline your body. It also breaks the monotony of opaque swimsuit fabrics.


Lace-up details are not only decorative, but also offer you the flexibility to adjust the fit of your swimwear.



Ruffles help to visually balance your body proportions. If you’re small-busted, look for ruffles on the top. It’s that simple! Ruffles are also very feminine and eye-catching, so be prepared to turn heads!


Gingham exudes a youthful vibe which is essential in summertime. An alternative is houndstooth which is more sophisticated but just as classy and versatile.


Incorporate Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year to your swimwear with a bold leafy print!



A twist on the plunging neckline, the zip-front design allows you to control the degree of exposure. Many of YesStyle’s swimsuit sets come with a zip-front maillot and a bikini swim top so you can wear them however you wish. Opt for high-neck versions to maximize the slimming appeal of the vertical zip. Reminiscent of a diving suit, a high-neck zip-front maillot makes you look like a professional diver, and is positively retro.


The bandage-like criss-cross design keeps coming back year after year. Just like cutouts, criss-crossing straps flatter your figure by streamlining your body. Many criss-cross designs emphasize symmetry, a timeless element to make anything graceful and pleasing to look at.


A cropped raglan long-sleeve rashguard protects your arms from the fierce sun and hides your bingo wings. It also helps to visually balance big hips.

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