Multi-Tasking Makeup and Skin Care

The YS Beauty Lab

Busy, busy, busy is what life is like for most of us these days, right? If you’re new to the multi-step skin care regimen and Asian beauty brands, you’re likely to be scouting around and comparing products left and right.

But time waits for no woman, no matter where you are in the world. Thus, the renewed popularity of makeup and skin care products such as tinted sunscreen sticks and two-tone lip bars like those from Laneige are such a great fit for today’s urbanites. Your makeup kit is no longer burdened by the insane amount of eye liners, lip colors, powders and foundations! Hallelujah!

Dual-ended, 2-way, 3-in-1 or however you call it, these products are certainly worth a try. Who knows? You might just discover a new favorite!

Up Your Eyebrow Game

Whether you prefer thin or thick eyebrows, there’s no longer any excuse to not make your pair look well-groomed all the time. These double-tipped babies are consistent bestsellers on YesStyle and we know why. The other end usually has a pencil tip – in a soft point or blunt, angled version – and a spoolie or cushion tip on the other end. Fill in the sparse areas or quickly cover up any stray hairs with a few deft strokes, brush your brows with the spoolie, and voila! En fleek!

All Eyes On Yours

If you’re going to make your arches triumphant, then it only makes sense that your eyelids get the same lavish treatment too. The newest double eyelid tapes from Japan now come in different colors so you get an instant eye shadow treatment as well. Laneige also makes two-tone eye shadow bars similar to their lip version. There are also 3-way (yes, THREE!) liners that combine a liquid eyeliner, eye shadow powder and gel liner in one handy-dandy pencil-type product. Finally, for those who want to pull off a seamless, effortless gradient eye makeup, have no fear — the Triple Shadows are here!

Multitoned Lips

Matte and gradient lips continue to persist and we’re not really surprised. Gradient lips pull off that lollipop-tinged look while matte lip colors help create a fuller, more vampy pout. While spring and summer trends say the glossy, creamy lip is back, I think these two are here to stay.

Contouring and Strobing

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters, especially Kim and Kylie, really brought contouring to a whole new level. Now, sporting a hint of blush on your cheeks is just not enough. Cheeks have to be sharp as Maleficent’s, and jawlines are angled with surgical precision with the help of contouring sticks and clever makeup brushwork. YesStyle favorites Berrisom and Etude House carry a nice selection of contouring sticks that conceal, highlight and contour. Neogen, RiRe and Skinfood also have their own pick of sticks, as well as cheek and lip tints.

For Ultimately Better Skin

Makeup, no matter what kind, brand, price or popularity, is only as good as the skin it touches. To make sure your natural canvas looks good even when bare-faced, it’s important to invest in good skin care. Orbis makes this amazing product that provides both a hot and cooling sensation — the former to help purge excess oil from pores, and the latter to soothe and refresh. Tinted sunscreen sticks like those from Haba and Etude House, and Kokuryudo‘s setting powder with SPF 50 keep your skin protected and looking fresh, even sans makeup.

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