Must-Have Fashion for Spring 2017

As it gets warmer and more humid each day here in Hong Kong, I can’t wait to shed my down jackets and boots for lighter, brighter and quicker-drying clothes. After scouting the redesigned YesStyle website on the latest Korean fashion, I came up with this list which should ease your anxiety on what to wear this season.

Ruffled and Tiered

Fashion designers took ruffles one step further by creating asymmetric layers with them. The result is very dramatic and flamenco-inspired. Tiered ruffles aren’t easy to pull off as they can make you look short and clumsy, but an asymmetric composition can help ease that bulkiness slightly. Begin with one of those midi-length mermaid skirts with a layered ruffled hem. Go green, gingham, floral or small dots if you wish to amplify that springtime aura. When you’re already used to wearing ruffles, go further with swinging spaghetti strap dresses. You may try wearing a blouse with tiered ruffles at the cuffs or across the chest, but make sure to keep the rest of your outfit simple and fitted.


A modification of the flared cuffs, the tie-cuff trend amplifies the cuffs by cinching the wrists. The easiest way to experiment is to tie a ribbon or hair tie to the flared sleeves. The cuffs can even be further embellished with accordion pleats, slits or contrasting colors.


The fashion world seems to be obsessed with tying knots! After lace-ups and tie-cuffs, here comes yet another trend that ties up loose ends. The bow-back design is great for summer when you don’t have to wrap yourself up with scarves and jackets (which will obstruct the bows). Many bow-back pieces come with a bare-back, e.g., halter necklines or cutout backs, which means you can show a little skin!

Go Green

As previously mentioned, “Greenery” is Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year and will influence everything from interior and fashion to product and graphic designs. Apart from the exact yellowish green shade recommended by Pantone, the color green has also found its way into the fashion industry in mint, emerald and pine green.

Longline Parka

Top it off with a lightweight and hopefully waterproof outerwear! When looking for parkas, opt for longer ones that hit the knee and with a flared cut, or cinched between the shoulder blades so it flares out nicely. Look for trendy details such as tabbed or cinched cuffs, oversized pockets, funnel necklines, epaulets, drop shoulders and drawcord waists. Experiment with pastels such as almond, cream, baby blue or mint green instead of the typical army green and camouflage.