My Scheming Invisible 2.0 L-Ascorbic Acid Whitening Mask Review

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It’s time for Vitamin C again. In my previous article, I reviewed the Vitamin C 100% Powder + Vita-Multi Whitening Source Serum from Korean brand Elizavecca. This time I’ll talk about the Invisible 2.0 L-Ascorbic Acid Whitening Mask from Taiwan brand My Scheming.

Famous for its Blackhead Removal Activated Carbon Mask Set, My Scheming has recently modified its L-ascorbic acid (which means Vitamin C) mask by changing a couple of ingredients and the material of the mask. Now made from 100% cellulose, the invisible mask is thin and gauzy to prevent dripping and allow for maximum absorption of essence. I haven’t tried the original version but let’s see how 2.0 works!

Each box contains 8 sheet masks. Soaked in a generous 23ml of essence enriched with L-ascorbic acid, sodium hyaluronate, collagen, arbutin and various herbal extracts, the ultra-thin and slightly stretchable mask is backed by a pearlescent plastic film that allows you to remove it easily from the sachet. After pulling out the mask, you realize how much essence is left behind – so much that it can last for 4-5 more days. I normally decant the extra essence in a bottle for future use.

When I first tried it, the mask itself looked almost invisible on my face. I won’t say that it hugged my face seamlessly, but at least there was no dripping. Contrary to SKIN FACTORY’s Vega Collagen Ampoule Mask, which contains thick, dense ¬¬essence that worked very well on my dry skin, the essence from this mask was very watery.

I removed the plastic film before the mask hit my face just to show its texture. When using the mask yourself, it’s recommended that you apply it with the plastic film facing outwards, and remove the film only after you’ve secured it on your face.

The essence feels just like water. The fact that it absorbs (or dries up, for that matter) so quickly makes me wonder if it’s really effective. Luckily when I removed the mask after 30 minutes, I could feel that my skin was immediately soothed. After consuming all the leftover essence after a few days, I did see some of my acne scars fading, and my skin getting a little brighter and smoother.

So much essence left!

The mask can cause a little redness which may appear after a day or two. If you have sensitive skin, I strongly advise you to do a patch test first. Also, like all Vitamin C products, your skin may become more photosensitive so do wear sunscreen during the day.

At US$ 10.97 per 8 sheets, I have no complaints about its brightening and smoothening abilities. It may not be the most moisturizing mask but who says it has to score 100 in every aspect? The only drawback is that I have to find a way to store the extra essence. If the essence alone could be purchased in bottles, I’d be a fan!

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