New Ways to Wear a Spaghetti-Strap Dress

The change of seasons doesn’t mean you have to hide all your summer clothes away. Because of more frequent climate changes, and with a little creativity in mixing and matching, it’s become natural for clothes meant for a particular season to show up year-round. I call it versatility! So your spaghetti-strap sundress can still look hot and appropriate for fall. All you need is a matching topper to keep it updated.

Leftmost images: POPBEE/ Mod by Monique/ ELLE/ Indigital

1. Over a White Tee
Trend-setting models like Kate Moss were the first to wear slip dresses as outerwear. This season sees a comeback of this 90s style, which now includes spaghetti-strap tops and dresses along with the addition of a base layer. While it’s always easy to rock a crewneck white tee, you can also choose to wear a turtleneck or a plain blouse beneath an empire-waist sundress patterned with small florals. If you want to play it subtle, try a monochrome combo instead.

As a side note, innerwear as outerwear has become a major trend. Don’t be surprised if you see the hippest girl that you know showing up in class wearing a bra or corset as a top.

2. Over/ Under an Off-Shoulder Top
The off-shoulder trend works with the spaghetti-strap silhouette perfectly. The horizontal neckline and the vertical straps make for an interesting geometric composition. Whether you’re wearing the top over or under the dress, your shoulders should show. Balance it with a side-slit dress so that you can reveal some of your legs too!

3. Under a Blazer
Rihanna tried this style back in 2014, when she strolled the New York streets at night in a silky pink spaghetti strap nightgown and a denim jacket, topped off with a choker and a trusty pair of Converse. Though you may find it a bit too loud, the contrast between trendy and classic/ high and low/ boyish and feminine are often appreciated in the world of fashion.

4. Under an Open Knit Cardigan
Sure you can layer almost anything over a spaghetti-strap dress – it’s just that the straps may be covered. To make good use of the dress’ uniquely sexy silhouette, try wearing a sheer longline shirt or cropped open-knit cardi on top. The former further elongates your body, while the latter creates a laidback but sexy vibe. I choose cropped instead of longline here since open-knit cardis tend to be baggy, and it doesn’t look good to cover the body with too much fabric (or wool, for that matter).

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