Kate Middleton’s Boho-Luxe Wardrobe

A few months have passed since the Duchess of Cambridge’s royal tour to India and Bhutan. Nonetheless, her impressive wardrobe during the trip is still making an impact on current fashion trends, especially during the summer when everyone is headed to beaches, resorts and music festivals. Her breezy style also promises to work in autumn.

In our previous “My Top Ten” article, we focused on Kate’s seamless combination of high street and designer wear. This time, I’ll dive into the boho-luxe elements in her collection that stand out as princess-worthy instead of merely bohemian.

Images: Mirror UK

Red, White, Black and Blue
Vogue once made a chart of Queen Elizabeth II dressed in every single hue in the color spectrum. Despite Her Majesty’s adaptability to different colors, there are a few colors that actually make one look more regal than the rest. Combinations of vermillion, white, black and sapphire blue tend to give a sophisticated mood. Red, blue or black embroidery against an off-white canvas makes the pattern stand out, while punctuations of turquoise or emerald bring a dose of freshness to these heavy colors.

Left: Kate visited homeless children in Delhi wearing a red patterned dress from Glamorous.

Intricate Embroidery
Boho-luxe style emphasizes anything hand-made, so anything embroidered, crocheted or woven will bring out that flair. Now with embroidered bomber jackets being all the rage, embroidery is undoubtedly one of the key elements to go for. When choosing, look closely into the work itself. Is it symmetrical? Is the pattern well defined and vivid? Are the stitches tight, clear and complete? Go for small, intricate embroidery rather than big, messy examples.

Left: Kate wore an embroidered sheath dress by Naeem Khan on her visit to Taj Mahal.

Busy Print
Small floral prints and contrast piping go hand in hand to give a rustic mood reminiscent of the medieval era. The vibe is amplified by matching silhouettes such as a drawcord neckline, smocked detailing, bell sleeves and an empire waist in peasant tops, swing dresses or maxi dresses. Just make sure the clothing has a proper fit so you won’t be overwhelmed by all those busy prints and embellishments. Keep accessories minimal if you’re wearing busy prints allover.

Left: Kate attended a bonfire dance performance in an Anna Sui floral dress.

Sheer Fabric
Boho-luxe outfits tend to be breezy and voluminous. Best to stick with soft, sheer fabric instead of crisp and sturdy types to give it an ethereal, feminine touch. Creased fabric is a good way to add textural interest and depth to the design without adding bulk. Meanwhile, opt for dresses with skin-baring accents such as side slits or an off-shoulder neckline so you won’t be lost in the fabric. Define your waist with a belt if needed.

Left: Kate wore a two-piece embroidered organza ensemble by Alice Temperley at a garden party.

Woven/ Tassels
A woven bucket bag is the perfect match for boho-luxe outfits. However if you wish to amp up the opulence, try an embroidered clutch instead. Soft or hard, it doesn’t matter as long as it has an expensive look. Kate wore mostly drop earrings during her trip. My advice is to go for big tassel or chandelier earrings for an Arabian flair.

Left: Kate fed baby elephants in the national park wearing a tassel-neckline smock dress from Topshop.

Kate wears heels and wedges since she’s representing the royal family and meeting prominent people. If you prefer heels and wedges, my suggestion is to stick with nude or black hues. However, do switch to sandals, moccasins, boots, brogues or even Mary Janes for less serious days. The boho-luxe style is meant to be laidback and carefree!

Left: Kate played cricket in espadrille wedges from Monsoon.

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