Biore Foaming Facial Wash (Acne Care) (Red) Review

The YS Beauty Lab

If you have chronic acne like I do, listen up because this Foaming Facial Wash from Biore is a lifesaver!

I’ve always heard that facial washes from Biore are good, especially for acne-prone skin. Despite having tried a couple of foaming cleansers from other brands and finding them too dry for my skin, I decided to give this one a try now that the sweet and sticky summer has arrived.

There are 5 kinds of pump-style cleansers to choose from: Acne Care, Rich Moisturizing, Mild Collagen, Whitening and Deep Cleansing. Each has a corresponding version in tubes if you prefer a pasty or creamy texture. I picked the acne one without a second thought. The product has a remarkably good reputation on YesStyle, with 97.8% customer satisfaction. Many claim that their chances for breakouts were dramatically reduced.

I started using the product in June. It’s ultra-lightweight and refined, with a slight, almost unnoticeable floral fragrance. Half a pump is actually good enough for the entire face since it’s so rich and foamy. There’s no irritation unless it gets in my eyes. It leaves my face squeaky clean so I have to apply a moisturizing toner such as the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion (Rich), plus a serum or mask afterwards to prevent my skin from flaking.

I washed my face with the cleanser every night for one whole month. Here are the results:

As you can see, the pimples on the left side of my chin are still visible but greatly reduced. The other parts of my skin appear plumper, clearer and smoother.

I’ve decided to order another bottle of Biore cleanser because:

1. It reduces acne. As fellow YesStyle customers have stated, it’s gentle on the skin and quickly helps to reduce acne and blemishes. I bet you’ll begin to see the effect in two weeks! I’m not sure if it also reduces pore size but at least it soothes my skin and makes it more resilient.

2. It feels good. The foam is soft and weightless on the skin. There’s a dreamy feeling every time it touches the face, and it’s easy to wash off. It leaves the skin soft, clean and oil-free. Some may experience a slight tightness or dryness, but any moisturizer will help to solve the problem

3. It’s cheap! At US$10.97 per 160ml, and only half a pump needed every night, what better bargain can you ask for?