Nikki’s Inbox: The Best of Both Worlds – Girly and Tomboy Style

I recently started dressing up as a guy but I’d like to find a more feminine alternative.

In fact I used to dress up really girly and cutesy but this year, I focused a lot more on my studies and gained a lot of weight as a result so I don’t fit in my old clothes now. And when I do, it doesn’t look good on me anymore or I find myself suffering because my jeans are too tight and so on.

So I started wearing loose stuff instead and now I only wear boy-cut shirts and bottoms with rubber bands. I discovered that I now have the same size as my brother. He and I have been having lots of fun stealing each other’s clothes recently. I also grew kind of attached to this comfy style.

My friend pointed out recently that I kind of look like her boyfriend now, which made me a bit sad. I mean it’s true I kind of enjoy this “homeless tomboy style” however it’s also because nothing else really fits me. I am still a girly girl inside and want to be attractive to boys.

I would like to ask for examples of clothing, where I don’t have to abandon completely the comfy men cuts that somehow fit me well now, but which is more feminine!

I am very tall (175cm), apple-shaped with long legs but wide shoulders and I have a bit of a belly now. 🙂 Oh and my feet are somehow big so I can’t wear women’s shoes often! I like the 80s and simple minimalistic clothing as well as pastel colors. 😀

Thank you for taking your time and reading my question, your blogs are awesome!

Rose, 19/Prague, Czech Republic

I think focusing on your studies was a great idea, Rose, and it may seem like you lost your sense of style for now but feeding your brain is also rewarding.

I also don’t blame you for preferring comfort over style. Fashion is a personal thing so if you’re a tomboy kind of dresser, that’s perfectly fine! Jogger pants (the ones that I hope you describe as having “rubber bands”) are right in tune with this year’s athleisure trends so you’re not missing out. Read through my suggestions and I hope you’ll find something that fits your fancy!

Create a Good Foundation with a Good Bra

A good, well-fitting bra makes a huge difference in how clothes look on you, Rose. Since you’re not the same shape as before, it’s better for you to get fitted for a new set (or several sets). You don’t want bras that gape, create bumpy outlines, or squeeze the breath out of you, right? Plus, bras are clothes too, and if you don’t feel comfortable and confident in what you have right now, how else would you feel with the rest of your outfit? So, get that first step done right: go to a bra shop, get properly measured and fitted and take it from there!

Velvet Touch : HYG Lingerie : Quiria

Make Color Your Friend

I agree that men’s T-shirts are very comfy but I do hope, Rose darling, that you don’t succumb too often to the oversized trend. You didn’t mention what kind of T-shirts you prefer: do you like them with designs or prints? Colored or plain? Sleeve lengths? But I do recommend getting a few raglan tees with short or three-quarter sleeves. Raglan tees usually have colored sleeves and that make it easy to show off your favorite pastel colors. Bonus points because they look cute in jumper pants and shorts, too!

TheLees : icecream12 : ABOKI : FROMBEGINNING

In the same vein, you can also choose button-down shirts in softer colors and with some subtle feminine details to give it a girly twist. Instead of big plaid patterns, go for smaller checks. Colorful buttons, tipped collars, dainty embroidery – these are all great details that add extra visual mileage to your outfit. To look more polished, tuck your shirts into your pants or jeans occasionally. Trust me – it makes a huge difference. If you like to wear them over a T-shirt or a tank top, you can wear a base layer that has more detail. Contrasting colors also make your outfit pop!

SCOU : LOLOten : Acoustic Rain

Hack Those Tees!

I know you’re a tall woman, Rose, so this next tip might be a wee tricky. If you manage to get your hands on a very long men’s T-shirt/correctly-sized but still long woman’s T-shirt, then you can wear it as a T-shirt dress! I know, I know. A dress when you said you like the tomboy look?! A T-shirt dress is minimalist, simple and yet easy to style up or down. If you feel like being girly, wear it with flats or wedge sandals or sneakers. If you want to rock it simply, team with cropped leggings underneath plus a denim jacket that reaches your hips, not waist. Use a skinny belt because, girl, you still got curves! Never mind that you’re apple-shaped. That’s you and there’s much to love about you!

HazyDazy : Simsam : STYLEBYYAM

Give Your OOTD a Fab Finish

In keeping with your comfy-tomboy aesthetic, loafers, sneakers, sandals and slip-ons with platform or wedge heels are very comfortable and go well with that style. The wedges and sandals will look great especially if you pair them with boot-cut pants or jeans to take advantage of your long legs – because you definitely have assets, girl! Men’s watches are also a great accessory and I see more and more ladies wearing them so don’t hesitate. If you’re fond of wearing hats, rotate your baseball caps with something more dandy like fedoras, bowler hats or newsboy caps. They add cool points!

InShop Watches : Moonlit Valley : Hats ‘n’ Tales

Sharing clothes with your brother may be fun, Rose, but I think it’s time to show off your own style!

P.S. If you’re sending a question, please don’t forget to include any helpful information about your body type or shape, your tastes or personality. You can include a selfie (link only please) or a photo of your clothes (which I will never publish without pre-approval). Thank you!

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