SEXYLOOK Intensive Acne Black Cotton Mask Review

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In the animated short film Lava produced by Pixar Animation Studios, a lonely volcano finally finds his true love after thousands of years of venting his lava (a metaphor for “love”). His lava turns into obsidian, a vitreous dark stone consisting mainly of silicon dioxide.

“Years of singing all alone, turned his lava into stone…”
Image from “Lava”, Pixar Animation Studios

Left to right: Obsidian stone, arrowhead, and bracelet
Images: Mind Body Spiritual Awareness/ BUDK/ Ben Ming Fo

Named “Apache tear” by American Indians, obsidian was used in the past to make cutting tools,and as a spiritual device to absorb negative energies and ward off evil. In China, it is still used to make religious artifacts and statues, or as beaded bracelets worn on the right wrist to cleanse the mind, body and soul. SEXYLOOK takes obsidian to the beauty realm by adding it into cotton sheet masks in its Black Mask Series. Since obsidian has a pH level similar to human skin, it facilitates absorption of the mask’s nutritious ingredients by the user.

To combat my acne-ridden face during summer, I chose the Intensive Acne Black Cotton Mask. Apart from the mineral-enriched obsidian, the mask also contains hyaluronic acid, aloe, marigold and witch hazel extracts for additional sebum control, and soothing and moisturizing benefits.

The box contains 5 masks, with a QR code on the side to verify authenticity. When I first used it, the mask looked small in the sleeve, but when I unfolded it I realized it was big enough to cover the entire face. I was glad that it wasn’t dripping with essence, which meant it wouldn’t make a mess on the table.

Boasting an even, pitch-black color, the cotton mask is quite stretchy and fits well. It carries a weak, almost unnoticeable scent. Like with other masks, I applied it after cleansing and toning my face, and removed it after 30 minutes. The essence was readily absorbed and there was no remaining essence on my face.

I love this mask for its stretchy cotton texture and non-sticky essence – it feels like a second skin and I don’t have to worry about dripping as I move around. It gives an instant soothing effect, especially when I feel on the verge of a breakout. After one use, there was no visible difference but I could feel my skin becoming less itchy and sensitive. If you have acne-prone skin like me, I bet this will be your first-aid remedy. The mask also comes in handy after a bad day. Believe it or not, the obsidian’s going to wipe all your bad luck away!

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