The Ultimate Swimsuit Guide For All Body Types

Swimsuit season is here again, and I reckon you might be anxious about finding the most figure-flattering bathing suit to brave the waves! Like all other fashion pieces, trends influence our swimwear choices. You may want to tap into the recent trends for rashguards, plunging necklines, one-piece swimsuits with cutouts, boho-inspired ruffles and crochets, halter tops, and retro-looking high-waist bottoms.

On the other hand, since swimsuits expose so much of our silhouettes, it’s even more important that we choose according to our body types. Are you slender like Taylor Swift or curvy like Kim Kardashian? Are there bloated areas that need to be covered? This simple but clear swimsuit guide will hopefully help you identify what and what not to wear for different body shapes:

1. Small Chest
The key is to create the illusion of a larger chest with embellishments and bold prints.
YES: Embellished, printed or colorful top; padded top, bandeau, scoop neck, triangle top, rashguard

2. Large Chest
The key is to offer support to your bosom and minimize the focus on your chest.
YES: Underwire, bustier, thick and/or adjustable straps, high back
NO: Embellished, printed or colorful top

3. Broad Shoulders
The key is to balance out your boxy upper body with vertical lines, slashes or curves so that the eye will look up and down instead of straight across.
YES: Side panels, asymmetric neckline, halter top
NO: Off-shoulder, straight-across bandeau, triangle top

4. Big Butt
The key is to even out and provide sufficient coverage to your big booty.
YES: Embellished, printed or colorful top; off-shoulder, plunging neckline, solid bottoms, high-cut swimsuit
NO: String bikini, skimpy swimsuit, swim skirt

Left to right: Swimwear for small chest, large chest, broad shoulders and big butt

5. Curvy
The key is to flaunt your boobs without making you look disproportioned.
YES: Color-blocking, small print, plunging neckline, asymmetric neckline, halter top, high-waist bottoms
NO: String bikini, monokini, boy shorts

6. Athletic
The key is to create the illusion of more curves.
YES: Embellished, girly print or colorful top; padded, monokini, strategic cutouts, bottoms with less coverage, tie-side bottoms, surplice wrap
NO: Straight-across bandeau, boy shorts, monochrome swimsuit

7. Short Torso
The key is to visually elongate your torso and lift the bustline.
YES: Halter top, low-rise bottoms, tankini
NO: High-waist bottoms

8. Short Legs
The key is to visually lengthen your gams.
YES: High-waist bottoms, high-cut swimsuit

Left to right: Swimwear for curvy build, athletic build, short torso and short legs

9. Love Handles
The key is to balance out the extra pounds on the upper arms with more coverage at the bottom.
YES: High-waist bottoms, rashguard

10. Tummy Pouch
The key is to conceal and draw focus away from the stomach.
YES: Peplum, shirring, plunging neckline, high-waist bottoms, tankini, strategic cutouts, surplice wrap

11. Back Fat
The key is to avoid creating folds at the back.
YES: High back, thick straps
NO: String bikini

12. Thick Thighs
The key is to conceal the extra fat on your thighs.
YES: Swim skirt, boy shorts, high-cut swimsuit

Left to right: Swimwear to hide love handles, tummy pouch, back fat and thick thighs

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