HANAKA Extremely Glacial Mineral Mud Face Pack Review

The YS Beauty Lab

While Korean beauty brands’ packaging is generally described as cute, Taiwanese brand HANAKA goes for the funny bone. The designs really grab your attention and add a whimsical vibe to your skincare experience. Besides, self-pampering should be fun!

Because the warmer weather is now here, I have to change my skincare routine a bit. HANAKA’s Extremely Glacial Mineral Mud Face Pack is exactly what I had in mind since my pores needed renewed purging after all the dense and highly emollient products I used as part of my winter skin regimen.

Unlike the previous mud masks that I’ve used, this version is more runny which means it’s easier to rinse off with just plain running water instead of warm water. Being less goopy also allows me to slap on as many layers as I want on areas such as my nose and forehead which are more prone to oiliness, blackheads and whiteheads.

Another plus for HANAKA’s mud mask: It sets immediately! After applying it, my face gets this weird green tinge to it, much like The Hulk and it immediately lightens to a pale, gray-green color. Crinkling your face just a little can cause the clay to crack so I suggest that 10 minutes max on your face should do it.

Canadian Colloidal Clay is first on the ingredient list, and I also see niacinamide, sea salt and camu camu extract, which is said to be rich in anti-oxidant properties

Rinsing off the mask left a slight oily residue on my face, which was rather strange. While my previous experiences with mud masks usually left a tingling or tight feeling, this one was definitely different. It wasn’t irritating at all and went away after I washed my face again with a foaming cleanser. My skin looked brighter, my pores – especially those on my nose – seemed smaller and the rest of my skincare products were absorbed beautifully.

This clay mask is more watery than most but that makes it easier for me to rinse off!

If you’re on the lookout for a mud mask that’s easy to apply, easy to rinse yet still delivers great results, HANAKA’s Extremely Glacial Mineral Mud Face Pack is worth a try!

The mask retails for US$15.9 for a 150-gram jar.

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