HANAKA Strawberry and Cotton Candy Chu Chu Lip Scrub Review

The YS Beauty Lab

I’ve been looking for a lip scrub to go with my Berrisom Lip Tint for some time. No matter what lip tint you use, it’s impossible to pull off kissable lips if yours are dry and flaky, which is often in winter. That’s where HANAKA’s Strawberry and Cotton Candy Chu Chu Lip Scrub comes in.

Apart from the sweet cotton candy flavor, the lip scrub also boasts the following delicious and beneficial ingredients:

Strawberry extract: gently removes dead skin and promotes the metabolism
Wild mango oil: moisturizes and softens lips
Sweet almond oil: soothes sensitive skin
Jojoba oil: penetrates deeply to nourish skin, and improves elasticity and luster
Malt: enriched with Vitamin E to reduce fine lines, heals cracked skin and serves as an anti-oxidant to prevent the formation of wrinkles

The lip scrub also contains sugar, which serves as the major scrubbing ingredient, alongside lanolin, beeswax, petroleum jelly and alpha-tocopherol (Vitamin E).

The plastic jar is absolutely adorable but small. But that’s okay since a little goes a very long way.

Concealed by aluminum foil and a screw cap, the crystallized lip scrub tastes like sugar dipped in coconut oil. I’d advise using your pinky finger to do the job not only because it suits the scrub’s pink color, but because you’ll only need a minimal amount and very little force. Moisturize your lips with water before applying the lip scrub and massage it gently on your lips for 10 seconds. Then wipe it off with a cotton pad soaked in toner and seal in moisture with your favorite lip balm.

I used my forefinger and realized I should be using my little finger instead.

If what you want is a handy lip scrub that tastes and makes you feel good, this one is for you. It has a delicious cotton candy flavor that lures you into tasting it a little whenever you’re using it. It’s recommended that you use the lip scrub 2-3 times a week. But if you have very dry and delicate lips, I’d suggest using it only once a week at most. Despite having an array of oils in it, the lip scrub isn’t very moisturizing so do keep using your lip balm. I tend to use it more as a device to remove dead skin than as a moisturizing product. I’d sometimes leave the lip scrub on a little longer before wiping it off for all the goodness to seep in.

Before (left) and after (right) single use. I admit there isn’t much visible difference except that I did feel my lips became a little softer and smoother.

You can actually make your own lip scrub by mixing sugar with olive oil – which I haven’t really tried. If I can get the ready-made product at US$9.52 (or less using discounts), why bother to DIY?