Nikki’s Inbox: Mixing Grunge, Girly and Sporty?

Over the past year, I’ve lost a significant amount of weight (25kg/50lbs). I’m 5′ 3 and 140 lbs. I’m happy, healthy and super grateful for my hourglass figure and toned legs. However, my fashion style has never been super girly. My style is a little grunge inspired (e.g. black, white, gray, red, and plaid). But I also adore the athletic type look. They seem like two very different styles and I don’t know how to properly balance them. I do enjoy wearing dresses and skirts but I like an understated femininity, one that isn’t feminine due to bright colors and ruffles. How can I blend the looks into my own style? I want to look drop dead gorgeous in my own way.

Rachel, 22/Chicago, USA

Rachel, you should be extremely proud of yourself! Losing 50 lbs. in a year through a proper diet and exercising is an amazing and inspiring accomplishment. You go, girl!

All that hard work to achieve your toned and healthy body is a good reason to show it off, I’m definitely onboard with you about that! About grunge vs. girly, all I can say is that being feminine is a mindset and you’re not obliged to conform to the usual conventions such as big ruffles, super lacy things and all those. You are who you are, and you should definitely enjoy your new self!

What you actually want to try, dear Rachel, is this season’s athleisure trend. It’s no longer just about wearing matching velour track pants as popularized by Juicy Couture a few years ago, and it’s definitely more than just wearing yoga pants or leggings everyday everywhere.

Here are some outfit suggestions that I hope will satisfy your desire to mix grunge, girly and sporty!

Crop Top + Wide-Leg Pants/ Midi Skirt + Bomber Jacket
A crop top is just the thing to show off those abs, and to foil that display of serious muscle power is a midi skirt or even gaucho pants. The key elements here are the contrast of lengths and a flowing silhouette. If you want to be a little more daring, try wearing a padded sports bra (to avoid any nip slips) in a contrast color underneath a semi-sheer crop or just a mid-riff top. Finish with a bomber jacket. You can wear sneakers, ankle boots or slip-ons.

PINKSISLY : Rollis : Obel

Envy Look : Small Mosquitoes : PPGIRL : Seoul Fashion

Print Sweatshirt + Lace Skirt /Skater Skirt + Gladiator Sandals
Don’t pack away your sweatshirts yet, Rachel, because they can be part of your new style. Printed and colorful sweatshirts are your best options to go with a cute lace skirt – mini or midi is best for your height – or with a flirty skater skirt to channel some cheerleader vibes. It’s tempting to finish these with white sneakers but did you know that gladiator sandals are in vogue again? Most defo! So no better way to also show off those toned gams of yours than in footwear inspired by conquerors! To battle, my fair iron maiden! /p>

Richcoco : Sienne : Fashion Street : chuu


Tank Top + Jogger Pants + Long Jacket/Plaid Shirt
One of my favorite styles from the sports-luxe/athleisure trend is the jogger pant. It’s like wearing sweatpants or yoga pants, except that they’re more tapered but not constricting. They’re different from harem pants which can be baggy and unflattering, and best of all, they can be worn by petites like you and me, Rachel! However, the jogger pant is still a bit loose from thigh to mid-calf. You can contrast this by wearing a nice tank top or a lacy version for that feminine element. You can layer your favorite plaid shirt over this ensemble or switch to a long cotton jacket instead. Wear with slip-ons, white low-tops or high-tops.

Seoul Fashion : Bongjashop : Hotblock

Envy Look : Sienne : Lina

Tank Dress + V-Neck Sweater + Bomber Jacket + Sneakers
V-neck sweaters were all the rage here on YesStyle for autumn and winter, but who says you have to stash them in your closet during spring? Lightweight knit sweaters with that athletic striped neckline or sleeves are perfect with a tank dress. Layer them over or under, pinafore-style. Your tank dress should be knee-length or higher so you can show off the legs that you worked out so hard for! A lace bomber jacket adds a fresh spring twist and you can finish it with sneakers or slip-ons. If you’re feeling a little retro, you can wear vintage-style striped socks, too!

Romantica : Swish : Richcoco

Romantica : Bongjashop : Bloombloom

These are only initial suggestions, Rachel, so feel free to mix or switch with other pieces in your closet. I’m pretty sure you already have a lot of these things lying around but I wanted to give you the perfect excuse to go shopping! Heehee. 😀

Lots of luck, darling!

P.S. If you’re sending a question, please don’t forget to include any helpful information about your body type or shape, your tastes or personality. You can include a photo (link only please) of yourself or your clothes (which I will never publish without pre-approval). Thank you!

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