Kracie Hadabisei Eye Zone Mask Review

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I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have dark eye circles, except perhaps in infancy. In fourth grade, I remember my best friend telling me that I looked like Wednesday Addams. That comment annoyed me so much that I refused to give her some of my super cute, strawberry-scented stationery. Yes, that’s how I roll.

Fast-forward to the present and my dark circles have found a BFF thanks to dryness along my undereye area. While I’ve tried a lot of eye masks/patches in an effort to at least make me look passably human, most of them only came in measly pairs of five, 10 or even just one (and to think they’re single-use!). So imagine my glee when I realized Kracie sold eye masks that came in – wait for it – 30 pairs! That’s practically industrial-sized in the world of Asian beauty.

Even the Kracie product page reflects simplicity.

The Hadabisei Eye Zone Masks are made and sold by Kracie, a Japanese brand whose parent company began in 1887 as a cotton manufacturer. I’ve got to hand it to them because their eye masks – which are made of pure cotton, of course – are durable yet lightweight and really drenched in essence.

The small size is perfect for carrying around in your bag or pocket.

Just like a lot of Japanese products, the packaging is simple, compact and practical. The eye masks are packaged just like wipes in this resealable foil pack in two compact stacks of 30 pieces each. The foil pack itself is small enough to fit in your bag or even jean pocket, so that you can carry it around every day in case you suddenly have to look awake, alert or alive.

The masks primarily target dryness under the eyes and are soaked in a formula enriched with Gold Retinol EX made from a retinol derivative, royal jelly and scutellaria root extracts, plus hyaluronic acid for added moisture, and lemon extract to soften and brighten dull skin.

I started using these eye patches just when Hong Kong experienced its coldest temperatures to date in over 50 years. Temperatures fell as low as 3 or 4 degrees Celsius and the humidity levels sometimes plummeted to about 10%. My skin had never felt or looked so thirsty, and these eye patches (as well as my handy stash of sheet masks) were truly a godsend.

When I wear a sheet mask, it usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes for the essence to soak into my face. Not this time. Because it was so dry, the eye patches soaked through in less than 10 minutes. My skin was really desperate for moisture. So much that there were times when I would use about 5 pairs of eye patches the entire day and even overnight, then stick on another pair as soon as I woke up.

In one week alone, I used up about half of that 60-piece stash. I can’t imagine how expensive it would have been if I only had the usual 5- or 10-pair set. For the price of US$13.9, it was really such a steal. It may not be as fancy as those gold hydrogel eye masks but it did its job well and without any annoying fragrance, weird ingredients or adverse reactions on my skin. I’m never going to be caught without these again!

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