Nikki’s Inbox: Style Solutions for Knock Knees?

I have been reading your blogs for a while now and I haven’t found anything on styles for people with knock knees? This is an area of my body I get quite insecure about. I have been looking for things to flatter my body shape and legs especially. Do you have any ideas please?

My measurements: 95cm waist, 98cm hips, height at 166cm, tops in UK size 12-14. My body shape is a weird mix between apple and pear and I have a bit of a belly. 😀

Deborah, 20/United Kingdom

Hi Deborah. The reason I haven’t written anything about what to wear if you have knock knees is because nobody has ever asked before.

I can recommend certain clothing that would hopefully help you in your dilemma. But as to any particular look or style, that is really something that you alone can consider. It will hinge on your personality, or perhaps a celebrity or style tribe you wish to emulate. Some of my product suggestions will be familiar because these are timeless, foolproof and versatile options that work for most body types, including yours. Take a look below!

The Color and Pattern Trick
If you wish to draw away attention from your lower body, wear dark-colored bottoms and choose colored or patterned tops instead. Vibrant hues and patterns look more engaging and visually appealing. Since it’s still winter, you can go for jewel tones, ombré or frosty pastels for your knits. Striped sweatshirts, floral blouses, polka dots and conversational prints are also attention-getters, even for spring.

The Eye Candy Trick
Still focusing on your upper half, ratchet up your look further with accessories. Accentuate the best features on your upper body including your face. Got gorgeous eyes or eyelashes? Nice shiny hair, graceful neck or elegant hands? Bring the focus to those! You can experiment with hairstyles and hair colors, wear eye-catching earrings and necklaces (Hint: tassels and chokers are hot right now!), or wear plentiful bangles or stacked rings. Remember that accessories can complete an outfit, too!

The A-Line Magic
Oh yes, A-lines are magic as I’ve always stated because they work on any body type. For yourself, choose A-line skirts that end just below your knee caps or mid-calf such as midi skirts. Minis and anything shorter or constricting will have negative effects. Use the same tactic when you shop for dresses. A-line dresses make waistlines look smaller because the lower half looks wider. It always works!

The Straight But Not Skinny
If you’re really that self-conscious about your legs, Deborah, then wearing skinny jeans is out of the question as all that stretchy fabric will outline you from thighs to ankles. A workaround for that while it’s still winter is to wear slouchy knee-high boots. You need those folds on your boots to visually pad your calves to make the gap less noticeable.

I’d highly recommend straight-leg, boyfriend-cut and boot-cut jeans for you because they skim but don’t cling – just how Nikki likes it. Straight-leg and boyfriend styles have never gone out of style and so has the boot-cut, despite it appearing on and off on trend reports over the years. Both styles are great with apple and pear-shape bodies. (Hello there, fellow pear!)

Last piece of advice. I understand your insecurity about your legs. However, the way I see it, you have two options: either you always deflect attention away from your body OR you can choose to accept yourself – flaws and all – and dress any way you like. While I can suggest clothing and styling options for you, in the end, it is yourself who will make the decision to be self-accepting … and ultimately happy. So what is your answer?

P.S. If you’re sending a question, please don’t forget to include any helpful information about your body type or shape, your tastes or personality. You can include a photo (link only please) of yourself or your clothes (which I will never publish without pre-approval). Thank you!

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