Winter Fashion: How to Dress for Cold Weather

Hong Kong has just experienced the coldest winter in over 50 years, with temperatures dropping to as low as 1 degree Celsius in the city. (Hong Kong has a sub-tropical climate and winter temperatures normally hover between 16 and 23 degrees Celsius.) There were ice pellets falling in urban areas, and I could barely lure myself out of bed, never mind dressing up decently. How I wish I learned these chic and cozy winter wardrobe tricks a little earlier:

Images: Popbee/ Harper’s Bazaar

1. Tone on Tone

Cold weather means layering, which means you can play with textures, colors and silhouettes however you want! Color-wise, an easy way is to go tonal by layering your pieces in a light-dark-light color pattern to add depth and drama. For instance, you can wear a fitted beige turtleneck, a brown knit vest, a camel-colored duffle coat and suede pants. The colors are still harmonized so it won’t look too busy.

2. Color Blocking

The opposite of tone-on-tone, color blocking invites you to be bold and blooming. Think outrageous Andy Warhol colors such as red, magenta and yellow. Bring warmth to yourself and your surroundings visually if not literally.

3. Furry Jackets

Despite the controversy surrounding wearing genuine fur, furry jackets have never left the wardrobe of fashion show attendees because they’re so warm, cozy and luxurious-looking. When it comes to furry jackets, I tend to look for monochrome versions but it doesn’t have to be black or white. Try pastels or even Pantone’s Color of the Year, Rose Quartz and Serenity! Finish with leather pants and ankle boots.

4. Longline Coats

The most fascinating thing about a longline coat is that it creates a swaying movement whenever you walk or turn. It makes you feel like a superstar. A longline coat also comes in handy when you wish to wear a mini dress by keeping your gams warm.

5. Cape Town

Similar to a longline coat, a cape creates a swaying movement and effortless laidback vibe. Amp up the boho mood with denim, suede and fringed accessories.

6. Hat Trick

Winter is a good time to put on horns, cat’s ears or pompoms – all easily achieved with the help of a beanie.

7. Over-the-Knee Boots

These boots can make you feel a bit uncomfortable when you bend your knees. Nonetheless, they’re ultra-stylish and effectively shield your legs from wind and rain without sacrificing body contours.

8. Under the Skin

Leather leggings are a great alternative to over-the-knee boots, and are a perfect companion to slouchy sweaters or oversized coats. Reinforce the leather look with an animal print clutch – from snake and crocodile to giraffe, cow, zebra and leopard.

Other tips on how to dress warmly:
1. Tuck your thermal top into your bottoms, thermal pants, tights or even panties to prevent the wind from seeping in.
2. Don’t forget to cover your nape when wearing a scarf. Cover your ears too, if necessary, and tuck the ends of the scarf under your coat.
3. Wear a cute cotton face mask, and save some time in makeup!
4. Wear fleeced-lined shoes with thick soles, and double your socks if needed. You can also try leg warmers.
5. Touchscreen gloves keep your hands warm while still allowing you to scroll through your mobile phone. (Not suitable for fingerprint recognition though.)
6. Attach heat pads to your thermal underwear.