LadyKin Vanpir Dark Repair Youth Activator Review

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This is my second time trying a LadyKin product, the first being the brand’s bestselling Vanpir Dark Repair Cream. I love this Korean brand not only because its products are affordable and effective, but also due to the luxurious packaging.

The Vanpir Dark Repair Youth Activator
didn’t fail me in terms of appearance. The mirrored bottle accentuates a streamlined silhouette, with a clear bottom to reveal the beige-colored serum. A dropper keeps it hygienic and easy to use. The expensive look makes it appear as if it would cost double! The only drawback is you can’t tell how much is left inside the bottle.

Ingredients and Functions:
According to official descriptions, the serum contains arbutin for whitening; adenosine to fight wrinkles, prevent discoloration and improve skin elasticity; ginseng and centella extracts to firm and soothe; rosewater to brighten and revitalize; camellia leaf water to provide nutrients; and Vitamin E which forms a moisture barrier on skin.

So instead of snail slime or snake venom, we have a less adventurous formula free from parabens, synthetic pigments, benzophenone, animal-originated ingredients and mineral oil. I was glad to see this, as it meant my acne-prone skin wouldn’t be exposed to possible irritants.

Texture and Fragrance:
During the one-month trial, I applied one complete squeeze of serum and spread it on my face with my fingertips every other night before sleeping. It has a surprisingly lightweight texture, like water I would say. The liquid was immediately absorbed and there was no greasy or sticky feeling at all.

Unlike the Vanpir Dark Repair Cream which is deeply aromatic, the serum carries only a very faint fragrance, almost unnoticeable. I totally love it for that.

Did I mention it felt like water? By that I also mean it was safe on my skin. No breakouts!

The most noticeable benefits were its anti-wrinkle and firming powers. It somehow plumped up the skin overnight to make fine lines less obvious. It also made my skin smoother by tightening pores. My skin felt less prone to irritations and my adult acne began to cease. Even when new pimples formed, they healed faster than before.

It also served well as a moisturizer. It’s winter in Hong Kong and though it’s not extremely dry, my skin still tends to lack moisture and luster. Nonetheless, my dry skin was able to survive on just the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion (Rich) toner and this serum. I haven’t been using paper masks or creams for the entire month, but it felt totally fine!

Before (left) and after one month (right)

The whitening effect didn’t happen overnight but it began to show after a week. My blemishes and acne scars were fairly reduced, without peeling or flaking. I wonder how it could achieve all that when it felt only like water, but it truly did improve my overall skin condition in many different ways.

This is by far the best serum I’ve ever used. I love it because it’s non-irritating, well-rounded and totally affordable. And it’s pretty too! It’s a better buy for my sensitive skin than the Vanpir Dark Repair Cream since it feels weightless, soothing and performs better. So YES I’ll be repurchasing and stocking up while it’s on sale!

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