3 New Japanese Fashion Styles You Should Know About

The Japanese are always ahead when it comes to creating style tribes such as mori girls, yama girls, Harajuku girls, Lolitas, otakus, herbivores, carnivores and marshmallow girls. In case you don’t know any of those terms, look them up on Google because this time I’ll be introducing some even newer Japanese fashion styles!

Oji Girl おじガール

PopSister Magazine, Jan 2011

Image: Tumblr

Oji girls or ojikawa was a new term to me, but after researching I realized it wasn’t really that new. Referring to a dandy but cute winter style characterized by longline coats, baggy trousers, suspenders, tweed vests and wingtip shoes, the term “ojikawa” actually comes from the combination of the words “ojisan” (uncle or old man) and “kawaii” (cute). The term became popular for a while after Japanese magazines Pretty Style and PopSister featured it in 2011.

Clothing targeted at oji girls often starts with the prefix “oji” e.g. oji pants, oji shoes, oji jacket. So while shopping online, do search with these keywords. You can also borrow items from grandpa’s closet – the key point is, after all, to dress like a British gentleman from a few decades ago. Think structured, oversized and vintage pieces in muted colors such as camel, brown and gray, and in classic patterns such as argyle, tweed and plaid (like Sherlock Holmes). Accessories such as round glasses, leather belts, scarves and berets can all contribute to that artsy, fatherly look.

Last but definitely not the least, top off with at least one cute item. It can be a pair of print tights, a boxy backpack, a tie-neck blouse or a girly hair-do. Just make sure you have that little bit of kawaii too.

Oyaji Girl オヤジ女子

The protagonist in Japanese TV drama “Last Cinderella” imagines herself growing out a long beard.

Oyaji girl drinking beer at home, from J-drama “Hotaru no Hikari”

Also meaning “uncle girl”, the oyaji girl has a slightly negative connotation as it depicts girls who’ve been “friend-zoned” by males because of their masculine behaviors. The term became famous thanks to 2013’s J-drama Last Cinderella.

You know you’re an oyaji girl if you have the following traits:
• You never put on make up
• You wear shabby clothes
• You smell like a bloke
• You have a foul mouth and talk dirty
• You stay at home on the weekends

If you’re an oyaji girl and want to try something new, I strongly recommend you to follow the YesStyle blog for fashion ideas, advice and how-tos.

However, being an oyaji girl may not be a bad thing. There’s a strong call for gender equality these days, and androgynous looks are getting increasingly popular. As long as you’re neat and tidy and polite, there’s nothing wrong – and sometimes it’s even cute – with being a little boyish.

French Toast Girl フレトー女子

CanCam Magazine, Apr 2014

After marshmallow girls, here’s something edible again! Japanese magazine CanCam made headlines with the term “French toast girl” in 2014. The trend seems to be in line with the “normcore” style which also means dressing casually and unpretentiously.

Being a French toast girl means you’re sweet but simple, positive and approachable. Just as French toast is made from easy-to-get ingredients (bread, eggs, butter and honey), a French toast girl takes pride in mastering basic fashion staples such as striped tees, denim pieces and canvas shoes in neutral colors. Despite their gentle looks, French toast girls are strong-minded and practical, courageous and independent. Being a French toast girl means you’re beautiful inside and out!

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