Nikki’s Inbox: Mixing and Matching Inset Skirt Leggings

Hi Nikki! I’m a huge fan of your blog and it has helped me so much in the past!

It’s currently cool in California, but not to the point where sweaters and heavy coats are needed. I recently bought several inset skirts, but to be honest, I’m at a loss on how to match them with other clothes. Can you please give some suggestions on how to wear it and what to match it with? THANKS! 🙂

Carol, 17/California, USA

Hello, Carol! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I saw on the news that it’s now colder in California than it is in the Midwest right now and I hope you’re always properly bundled up when needed.

YesStyle’s inset skirt-leggings are basically mock two-pieces, and I personally think that whoever came up with the idea is a genius. These pieces are a no-brainer and very convenient to have in your closet or your luggage.

Since you didn’t include body measurements, I’m assuming you simply want ideas. So let’s hope you like what I have in mind!

With Knits
The first thing that makes this two-piece combo so wearable is the elasticized waist. It’s good to know that what should stay up remains that way. Thus, you can fully tuck in tops or do a half-tuck into the waistband. For winter, stick to lighter/thinner sweaters or tops for tucking in because anything thicker will certainly bunch up and give you extra and unnecessary bulging at the waist. Finely knit slouchy sweaters in pastels or jewel tones will create a nice visual contrast with plain dark-colored skirt-leggings.

Thicker, chunkier knits and sweaters are best left untucked. To avoid looking overly bulky with “chicken legs,” don’t wear sweatshirts that are too large as these might end up covering the skirt part, especially if you’re having the mini or ultra-mini skirt versions. Tops that fall just below your waist (ideally hitting your first hipline) are the best.

Thin can go in, but thick should stay untucked!

With Shirts and Blouses
You can also tuck shirts and blouses if they’re long and thin enough. Again, fabric thickness is a very important factor. If your skirt-leggings combo features an A-line skirt instead of a pencil-cut version, you can leave the top untucked as long as the shirt isn’t way too long. The look will be more casual. Fitted and more structured tops will create a more consistently contoured silhouette from shoulder to ankle, and will complement the A-line silhouette better. If you plan to repeat this look for spring or summer, wear a lightweight patterned shirt (like a plaid or a floral print one) but tie the ends into a knot instead to show off your waist.

With the right top and the right skirt, your skirt-leggings can be versatile enough for work or play.

Textures and Patterns Give You Plenty to Play With
If you thought that you’re stuck with plain, dark-colored skirt-leggings, Carol, I’m happy to say you’re wrong! I found some very eye-catching pieces that have contrasting skirts and leggings such as leopard print and polka dots to leather and even asymmetric hemlines, plus colors like burgundy, pink, white and more. Factor in the assorted lengths – mini skirt, mini A-line, knee-length A-line and a few midis – then the sky is the limit for your style options! Even if you’re only wearing a plain sweatshirt or sweater, teaming it with a leopard print pair will certainly up its visual appeal.

Mix textures and patterns even for monochrome skirt-leggings sets. But patterns and colors always look more perky!

More Tips and Tricks
♦ Vertical and horizontal body shape is another very essential factor to keep in mind. But a good rule of thumb to follow with these pieces is that anything above the knee can be paired with taller boots, ranging from mid-calf to knee-length, if you’re of average height or taller. Petites can go with ankle-length boots or high-top sneakers.

♦ Always make sure there are a few inches of leg visible between your skirt hemline and the top of your boots.

♦ Knee-length and longer skirts look better with low-cut shoes like shoe boots, flats, pumps or oxfords. Low-cut shoes also work if you want to wear slouchy socks or leg warmers, or with cropped skirt-leggings.

I hope all of these will prove helpful to you, Carol and to my other readers!

P.S. If you’re sending a question, please don’t forget to include any helpful information about your body type or shape, your tastes or personality. You can include a photo (link only please) of yourself or your clothes (which I will never publish without pre-approval). Thank you!

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