YesStyle’s Cute Fashion Bestsellers for Year 2015

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In just one day we’ll officially be bidding farewell to 2015. As a recap to the year, the YesStyle staff gathered 10 of our cutest fashion bestsellers in this article. If you already own them, we hope you’ve enjoyed your purchases and are putting them to good use. But if you don’t own any of these items, now’s the time to stock up because you’re never too old to look cute!

Animal Kingdom
In poster design, there’s a golden rule that says if you want to get attention, use one of the following visuals: a woman, a baby or an animal. A little horn accent, a wiggling tail or dainty paw appliqué can make an ordinary pullover or plain T-shirt look so much cuter!

1. Horn-Accent Hooded Pullover from RINA

The devil’s in the details! This fleece-lined pullover reveals your devilish (but cute) side with its horned hood. Look doubly cute by wearing it with your partner!

2. Panda Face Pullover from Fairyland

Say no to panda eyes but yes to a panda outfit! The best thing about this cozy pullover is not its panda face bodice, but the black sleeves which look like a pair of animated ears or arms. The thumbholes and paw embroidery on the cuffs keep your own paws warm and padded.

3. Cat Print T-Shirt with Suspender and Brooch from Fairyland

Having a cute print is not enough – you also need a cute design. The suspenders and felt brooch make this outfit totally pop, while also adding a dainty flair. With the question “Do you have a minute?” embroidered on the brooch, you’re bound to become the goodwill ambassador of the feline world.

4. Deer Collar Pin from Mamak Beans

Hold these deer to your heart for a glamorous Nordic look! An alternative or complement to necklaces, these metallic pins seamlessly embellish the winged collar of your shirt or jacket, just like cufflinks do on shirt cuffs.

Take a Bow
Bring good tidings to your top, bag or even socks!

5. Set: Bow-Accent Cardigan + Heart Print Tank Top from Rocho

While looking plain in front, this cardi oozes cuteness through the row of bows at its back. A hear-print tank top beneath keeps it modest and sweet.

6. Set of 4: Dotted Bow-Print Socks 59 Seconds

Combining two of the cutest elements, bows and polka dots, these ankle socks seem perfect for your kids but are actually meant for adults. Wear with Mary Janes, brogues or even sandals to channel your inner child.

7. Faux Leather Bow-Accent Crossbody Bag from BeiBaoBao

Another sweet combo of bows and heart prints, this crossbody bag is handy, sturdy and roomy enough for your wallet and more, without looking bulky. Two-tone design highlights the perforated appliqué and the golden hardware on the bow.

Sweet Angel
In Latin, “tabula rasa” refers to the initial state when things are only a blank piece of paper. Sweet and innocent, the angelic theme brings a bright and hopeful mood.

8. Peter Pan Decorative Collar from 59 Seconds

The round collar effortlessly transforms a plain tee or jumper into a cute, classy look. To make it even better, this collar can easily be detached for washing or mixing-and-matching.

9. Fleece-Lined Lace-Up Ankle Boots from Solejoy

These lace-up ankle boots are made ten times cuter by the lip-print collar and fleece lining. Surely the added design is meant to keep you warm too!

10. Faux Leather Wing-Accent Backpack from BeiBaoBao

Fly high with this boxy backpack, available in popping colors and a pair of rotatable, changeable wings. If you’re young-at-heart, this one is for you!

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