Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack Set (6pcs) Review

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Christmas is just around the corner! Are you ready to party? Besides things like outfits, shoes and presents, you’ll need to decide on your makeup. Your makeup should be resistant to water, sebum and sweat so that you can eat, drink and kiss a lot. So how about a lipstick tattoo that can last for 12 hours?

No stains on wine glasses or coats. No need to reapply for the rest of the day too!

The latest beauty sensation from Korea, Berrisom’s Oops My Lip Tint works by creating a tinted layer that you’ll need to peel off after 10 minutes. The color will then stay on for 12 hours. This poses many questions: Is it difficult to apply precisely? Does it hurt when you peel it off? Will the color be uneven? Can I blend it with other makeup? Well, I’m here to find out!

The 6-piece set includes 15g of lip tints in 6 different colors. These colors, along with 3 other colors (Candy Orange, Dear Coral and Glam Orchid) are available individually. There’s also a Lip Tint Cleanser especially formulated to scrub and remove the tint.

Before (left) and after peeling (right). From left to right: Virgin Red, Vivid Scarlet, Lovely Peach, Pure Pink, Bubble Pink and Sexy Red

As a general rule of thumb, I began by testing the lip tints on my arm. IT HURTS to remove the tint without applying lip balm first. My arm hair was brutally waxed off during the peeling.

Every tube is sealed with a sticker. The sticky gel-like tint is semi-translucent and looks almost fluorescent. It carries a faint smell, like that of cough medicine.


Now on the lips! I used a lip balm before putting on the lip tint not only to reduce the chance of irritation, but also to make the peeling easier and the color more even.

The tint glided on easily, though it can be tricky to apply an even coating. My strategy was to apply it quickly and accurately, without rubbing back and forth. If it goes out of line, quickly remove the excess part with tissue paper, because the dyeing action is quite fast.

I wouldn’t recommend going over your own lip line because you can’t use a lip liner here (I mean, if you use a smudgeable lip liner, then why use this lip tint at all?). A lip brush may help but you don’t have a lot of time before the tint dries up.

If case you’re curious what the lip tint tastes like, to me it tasted like a margarita – salty and bitter. It became tasteless though after peeling.

This is how it looked before peeling. The color was so vivid, delicious and glossy that I almost wanted to keep the coating there. It began to dry up in 5 minutes and by 10 minutes, it was completely dry (I used only a thin layer). Don’t smack your lips as you normally would with lipstick or they’ll end up being stuck together.

Now the peeling! Despite seeing a lot of painful-looking peelings on the web, I found it effortless to peel the layer off. You might need to scratch your lips a bit to remove tiny leftovers, but in general it comes off smoothly and in one piece. If you applied the tint starting with the upper lip, remove that part first. Tear it off from the corner.

This is what it looked like after peeling. I was very content with the color – it’s even, rich and most importantly, IT STAYED ON!


Now returning to my rainbow-colored arm to see how easily (or difficult) it is to remove the tint. Instead of a lip makeup remover (which you should be using), I tested with a light express cleanser and my arm looked like this after intense rubbing:

So the colors aren’t that easy to remove after all! I strongly recommend you to get Berrisom’s Lip Cleanser for it’s scrubbing, cleansing and moisturizing effects. Also, I bet it can completely erase the hues!

I tried Bubble Pink for 12 hours (with eating and drinking). You can see the comparison:

Original Lip Color

Before (left) and after 12 hours (right)


I also tried an ombré effect, which means applying a darker layer atop a PEELED first layer. Here’s Sexy Red on Pure Pink:

Before (left) and after peeling (right). I topped it off with lip balm to make my lips look glossy and plump.

Finally, here are the 6 different swatches:

• No staining on wine glasses, coats or skin
• No need to reapply in 12 hours
• Can apply before sleep so you don’t have to spend time on lip makeup the next morning
• No interference with other lip makeup products
• Genuinely non-sticky, non-smudging and non-fading
• Need to wait for 5-10 minutes to dry
• Only 8 colors available so far and no additional effects or benefits (e.g. shimmering or SPF)
• Need to finish applying before it dries up (touchups may lead to uneven color)
• Relatively hard to remove

So yay or nay? For me it’s definitely YES, YES, YES!

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