Fashion Accessories to Light Up Your Christmas

With silver bells, golden wreaths, foam snowflakes and fairy lights all around town, it’s finally beginning to look a lot like Christmas. If I were a Christmas tree at the mall I’d be fabulously furnished by now!

However, while some ornaments are meant for trees, others are meant for humans. YesStyle carries many new-style accessories like double-studs and ear jackets, and I can always rely on them to make myself look more fun and attractive for the holidays.

I hope you’ve already placed your gift orders with the help of our 10 Holiday Season Gift Ideas and 10 Irresistibly Cute Gifts for the Holidays guides. If you haven’t, here’s your final chance to scout for nice little sparkles to give or get!

Inspirations from Fall 2015 Fashion Shows
Images: 1,3,5: Glamour; 2,6,9: Harper’s Bazaar; 4,8: Elle; 7,10: Vogue Paris

1-2. Dolce & Gabbana | 3. Chanel | 4. Reem Acra Bridal | 5. Lanvin

6. Valentino | 7. Celine | 8. Dior | 9. Marc Jacobs | 10. Balenciaga

A bling-bling hair band plus hazel brown low bun is a typical way to look like a princess.

Filigree Hair Band:
Lightweight and easy to pack, this wedding-worthy hair band consists of a chain of coin-sized filigree metal roses on an elastic band. The design allows it to be used as a hair band, hair tie or bracelet.

Soft But Metallic:
Metallic hair accessories are on trend, and I especially love their seamless blend of soft and hard materials. This hair tie, for instance, looks like a barrette from the outside when it’s actually an elastic band dipped in metal colors.

There’s a growing lexicon for ear accessories, including double stud, ear cuff, ear jacket, ear wire and ear chain. Have you learned them all?

Floral Ear Jacket:
While the ear jacket has yet to prove its staying power, this floral version should nonetheless capture every girl’s heart with its delicate design. The fan-like earring back spreads gracefully along the earlobe like a garland.

Embellished Ear Muffs:
D&G wowed us with heavily embellished crown-like headphones during Milan Fashion Week (they look a lot like Princess Leia’s iconic hairstyle from Star Wars). While the jewel-studded pair from D&G costs over US$7,000, this beaded ear muff from Azalea can make you feel as much like a princess, and is perhaps twice as cozy and a lot less pricey.

Transparent Double Studs:
See your future here! These double studs look wintry and magical, thanks to the transparent “crystal ball” at the back. Colored beads in the globe make it look like a snow globe.

Tasseled Earrings:
The love for tassels on jewelry haven’t gone away since Tiffany and Co. debuted its Gatsby beaded tassel pendant necklace. Match your fringed suede bag, boots or jacket with these threaded tassel earrings, which can be dressed up or down easily thanks to their vintage vibe.

Broken in Half:
I’m a feline lover and I absolutely adore this cat earring featuring a glossy half-a-black cat. The cat is even wearing a pearl choker! I also love this arrow earring cleverly designed to look as if the arrow has pierced your ear lobe.

Foliage Ear Cuff:
Florals seem an evergreen motif in jewelry design. This metallic laurel-motif ear cuff uses two diagonal shoots to create the illusion that the cuff has “grown” around your ear.

Chokers are still the go-to for neck accessories, but they’ve become slimmer like a second skin.

Word Bar:
The love for slogan tees and tattoos has given rise to these word bar pendant necklaces. Encrypted with the word “obliviate,” a spell from Harry Potter to erase someone’s memory, this necklace is a style essential for every Potter fanatic.

Bow Choker:
Ribbons and bows create a festive mood and make everything look like a present. This suede cord choker forms a bow and is adorned with a rhinestone charm in the middle. Best worn with a V-neck or scoopneck top.

Take a break from heavy cuffs and turn to sleek cables, wires and chains instead.

Nail It Down:
A nail or screw motif bangle or earring can make a stylish impact without being overwhelming.

Jingle Bells:
This chain bracelet embellished with a large filigree bell and a smaller counterpart makes for a good-luck charm that helps to spread festive spirit.

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