10 Irresistibly Cute Gifts for the Holidays

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They say big things come in small packages. In the run-up to the holiday season, the YesStyle Staff has compiled 10 of our cutest Lifestyle items items that make memorable gifts. Loved and highly rated by YesStyle shoppers, these gift ideas will come in handy for impromptu gatherings when there’s simply no time to go shopping, or store gift cards are just too impersonal.

Got your gift list completed? Then consider these as rewards to yourself. Highly useful, affordable, easy to gift-wrap and definitely a picture-perfect, Instagram-worthy addition to one’s Christmas haul and home life!

For the Organized Home and Office

1. Set of 4: Cable Organizers from Home Simply

Wires going wild? From the headphone and phone cables on your office desk or night table, to the unsightly speaker, router and computer wires making a tangled mess, cable organizers are the answer for keeping everything neat and tidy. This set of 4 rabbit head-shaped accessories adhere to any flat surface and clamp down wires, making cables easier to sort and keeping your personal spaces looking less topsy-turvy. The cable organizers come in four colors – making it easy to color-code your gadgets – and work with thick or thin cables.

2. Elephant Mobile Stand from Cutie Bazaar

The next best thing to having your own live pachyderm, this adorable elephant-shaped stand is the perfect cradle for your mobile phone or tablet. The “trunk” holds your phone upright and gives you a hands-free option for quick viewing of messages or notifications. No phone? No problem. The stand can also prop up small picture frames or even unframed photos.

3. Wooden Trivets from Lazy Corner

Protect your tables or desks from unsightly water stains caused by damp glasses and cups, or singe marks left by hot serving dishes with these quirky wooden trivets. Available in two whimsical designs – a grinning face on toast and a smiling cat – these trivets can serve as drinkware coasters and surface protectors, and are also great conversation-starters! Appetizers, anyone?

4. Silicone Banana Coin Purse from Momoi

Move over, apples! A banana a day keeps the mess away! This banana-shaped purse looks almost good enough to eat but works even better as a money purse or an earphone pouch. This banana coin purse comes with a wristlet for a hands-free carrying option, and is a great gift for someone who’s into a more organized lifestyle. Time to grab a bunch!

For the Beauty Maven

5. Velour Headband from Class 302

Trying out your latest Beauty Sample Box haul for your vlog? This uber-cute velour hairband is extra wide and extra thick to ensure your hair is kept well back from your face as you try on makeup or go through your skincare regimen. It’s finished with a big bow and available in a riot of patterns and colors. Looks good in your selfies, too.

6. Cookie Contact Lens Case from Momoi

Ditch the boring, clinical-looking contact lens cases for this yummier version that comes in scrumptious candy colors. The lens case flips open to reveal a mirror, two separate containers for your lenses, a small solution bottle and a plastic tweezer for more hygienic handling. The cookie design makes it easy to spot inside your bag (thanks to the curvy edges), and you can definitely have one in every color. Why settle for plain when you can have cute?

7. Printed Eye Mask from Good Living

A sleeping mask is a must-have when travelling or simply to get some quality shut-eye. Aside from the very expressive designs, this eye mask comes with a removable gel insert that can soothe and relieve tired eyes. Pop the gel in the fridge for several hours and insert into the mask. Make your lunchtime snooze truly restful!

For Bedroom Comforts

8. Set: Convertible Panda Blanket + Slipcase from Lazy Corner

Along with the eye mask, this panda blanket and matching slipcase is the perfect combo for a nap. The versatile slipcase conveniently turns into a soft cushion perfect for a quick snooze in class (while the teacher is out, of course) or in the car. While on the road or in the air, you can take out the blanket to keep warm. Plus, it has pandas. Need we say more?

9. Fleece Couple Slippers from Class 302

Toasty toes are the best! Along with your comfy pajamas, these “sneaker-style” fleece slippers keep your footsies warm throughout winter, even sans socks. Bring along a pair on your holiday to replace flimsy hotel slippers and feel at home even when far away. The unisex color and sizing make it a perfect Secret Santa gift for the frequent traveller, too!

10. Bird Night Light from Lazy Corner

This delicate bird lamp adds a tranquil and soothing note to your bedroom or living room. Simply plug into a USB outlet for several hours. The bird comes with its own glass dome and “nest” and is available in blue, orange or pink lighting to suit your mood.

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