My Scheming Blackhead Removal Activated Carbon Mask Set Review

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I’ve already introduced the magical cleansing power of carbon in my previous review of Kobayashi’s Charcoal Power Toothpaste. This time, I tried out My Scheming’s Blackhead Removal Activated Carbon Mask Set, a 3-step kit to remove stubborn blackheads, whiteheads, acne and sebum while tightening pores. The kit consists of 3 products to soften, cleanse and heal. Here are their respective ingredients and functions as mentioned on the kit :
1. Deep Pore Sebum Softener 20ml
Ingredients: Aloe extract, green tea extract, papain
Penetrates pores deeply to quickly dissolve accumulated sebum, dirt and dead skin, and to promote normal skin metabolism and tone skin.
2. Blackhead Removal Activated Carbon Mask 60ml
Ingredients: Charcoal powder, vitamin B5
Natural active bamboo charcoal provides superior absorption capability and helps control sebum secretion for more translucent, glowing skin. The mask uses mainly charcoal made from moso bamboo, which has a refined structure and is rich in minerals. The color of the mask comes naturally from the charcoal.
3. Skin Clarifying Pore Treatment Essence 20ml
Ingredients: Vitamins B3 & B5, urea, lactic acid
Deeply moisturizes and hydrates skin while minimizing pores. Restores skin elasticity for more supple, radiant and healthier skin.

Official instructions:
Step 1: After cleaning your face, put a hot towel on your nose for 1-2 minutes to open up pores. Apply Solution No. 1 on nose and gently massage for 8 minutes. Alternatively, soak solution in cotton pad and apply that on nose.
Step 2: Apply Solution No. 2 to form an opaque layer on nose. Wait for 15-20 minutes until it becomes dry (you can feel it tightening on skin). Gently peel off the layer from top to bottom. You’ll see white spots and fine hair on the mask.
Step 3: Apply Solution No. 3 on nose for 8 minutes and pat in gently.

The kit is suitable for men and women, with the suggested dosage as once every 2 weeks for mild blackheads or sensitive skin, and twice a week for severe conditions or oily skin.

The below results are a bit gross! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The packaging is typically Taiwanese: double-layered, cute and wordy, with Ella of Taiwanese girl band S.H.E gracing the cover.

There’s a verification code at the side of the paper package. Simply scratch off the silver coating to reveal the code and enter it into the website to see if your product is genuine or not.

The bottles and tube were numbered 1, 2 and 3 from left to right. Don’t mess them up!

Before use: this was my nose under macro lens… it freaked me out.

I followed the instructions by putting a hot towel on my nose to open up pores. I soon found it silly since the towel began to cool down in 10 seconds. So really, I should’ve used a facial steamer or used the steam from a pot of boiling water.

The first solution was clear and runny. It smelled like shampoo, but felt like water on skin.

The most important step: the black mask!

I applied the viscous mask on my entire nose except for my nostrils. Now I looked like a skull! The mask has a faint grapefruit scent that didn’t bother me. Keep dabbing until it becomes opaque but don’t apply too much – it takes decades to dry up!

The dried-up mask looked even and smooth. Despite having only a thin coat, it took 45 minutes to get dry. I regretted not using a fan.

Oh finally! Slowly and gently, I peeled it off from top to bottom. It detached easily and completely.

Here’s my result! See those countless protruding tiny white spots? Those were my whiteheads! You can also see my skin texture and some bigger whiteheads.

After use: You can see the difference. My skin became so much cleaner!
I finished with the third solution, which carried a similar smell and texture as the first solution, though definitely a different function.

The verdict:
Blackheads and whiteheads are always a pain in the neck. Squeezing the skin results in inflammation and enlarged pores, while scrubbing can cause peeling and dry, damaged skin, and picking ends up in painful and damaged pores. Despite being a bit time-consuming, this blackhead mask brilliantly completed its mission without harming the skin. The results are evident even the first time you use it. I’d recommend it to anyone suffering from blackheads!

PS. Next time I’ll be using a facial steamer and a fan.

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