Girls’ Generation Fashion: Hyo Yeon’s Must-Have Styles

Kim Hyo Yeon - Hyo Style

Girls’ Generation member Kim Hyo Yeon released the book Hyo Style earlier this year to share her personal fashion and styling secrets. In the book, the popular K-pop idol showcased her different looks depending on the occasion (airport, street, stage, outdoors, etc.) and demonstrated various makeup styles. She also shared many essentials from her very own closet that complete her look.

Complete your wardrobe with some of Hyo Yeon’s must-have styles!

T-shirts with Character
Everybody has a few T-shirts in their closet, and Hyo Yeon is no different. For a stylish edge, she goes for T-shirts with eagle, snake, skeleton or other colorful prints; for a cute look, she wears lip and star prints. And, of course, there’s no better way to announce one’s uniqueness than with fun lettering tees and whimsical prints. The most interesting T-shirt Hyo Yeon includes in her book is a mermaid design – a plain white tee with a seashell print across the chest – that demonstrates how even a simple T-shirt can be sexy and eye-catching!

V-Neck Eagle Print T-ShirtRound-Neck Sequined Skull T-Shirt Star Print T-ShirtShort-Sleeve Lip Print T-Shirt
Round-Neck Lettering T-Shirt Cassette Tape Print T-ShirtPrinted Mélange T-ShirtRound-Neck Dog Print T-Shirt

Checkered Shirts
Hyo Yeon sure likes her checkered shirts because she dedicates seven out of the nine picks in her shirts section to the classic long-sleeved plaid/checkered button-down in various colors. Just as she points out, though, each checkered shirt can actually offer a very different look and feel depending on the pattern. When she encounters a pattern she particularly likes, she will even buy the same shirt in several colors!

Pocket-Front Check ShirtPocket Front Cropped Tartan-Check ShirtCotton Checked ShirtDrop-Shoulder Tartan-Check Shirt
Check Tab-Sleeve ShirtDrop-Shoulder Checked Shirt Cotton Check Shirt Tab-Sleeve Graph-Check Shirt

Denim and Colorful Jackets
The denim jacket is an eternal closet staple as it can be matched with dresses, jeans and shorts to create various outfits. As an example, Hyo Yeon shows her denim jacket over a patterned A-line dress. Besides the classic all-blue denim jacket, she also has one with black contrast sleeves. And her love for the timeless plaid pattern apparently extends to jackets because she opts for a loose-fitting black-and-white checkered jacket to up the cuteness.

Hyo Yeon also likes colorful jackets with patterns and decorations. Not everyone can pull off the attention-grabbing numbers she favors, but her layering of long necklaces with embellishments over the jacket is definitely a great accessorizing inspiration for fall.

Drop-Shoulder Denim Jacket Round-Neck Distressed Denim Jacket Open-Front Gingham Jacket Contrast Sleeve Denim Jacket
 Button-Detail Embroidered Jacket Open-Front Pattern JacketOpen-Front Boucle Jacket Leaves Layered Necklace

Figure-Flattering Jeans & Colored Pants
For jeans, Hyo Yeon notes that styling varies according to the cut, and that fit is most important. She seeks out jeans that make her legs look long and slender. So how do you find the right pair of jeans? She advises trying out as many styles as possible in order to find what fits you best.

Besides colorful jackets, Hyo Yeon also wears colored pants to get that color-on-color look. Plus, she thinks that pants in unusual fabrics can showcase one’s individuality, and that cargo pockets are attractive.

 Flat-Front Colored Skinny PantsBand-Waist Cargo-Pocket Skinny PantsWashed Slim-Fit JeansBand-Waist Skinny Pants
 Stitched Coated Skinny JeansBand-Waist Cargo-Pocket Pants Colored Skinny Pants Distressed Slim-Fit Jeans

Combat Boots and Studded Sneakers
Hyo Yeon loves combat boots – or “walkers” as they’re called in Korea – even more than high heels, and we love her for valuing comfort. Throw on a pair of jeans with your combat booties, and you automatically look ruggedly chic and ready to go. For sneakers, Hyo Yeon likes the studded variety, to the extent that she used to only wear studded sneakers.

 Lace-Up Boots Lace-Up Ankle Boots Lace-Up Boots Lace-Up Short Boots
Zip-Detail Studded SneakersStudded Canvas Platform Sneakers Lace-Up Studded-Detail SneakersStudded Sneakers

Leather Jackets
Hyo Yeon considers leather items to be her best must-have as leather jackets have their own unique color and character, and they look great with jeans. Interestingly, she doesn’t include a classic black leather jacket in her book. Instead, she shares a black zip-down vest and two different styles of brown leather jackets: a chocolate-brown biker jacket and a button-front collared one. For a more affordable (and animal-friendly) yet equally stylish alternative, faux leather pieces will do the trick.

 Diagonal-Zip Faux-Leather Rider Vest Faux-Leather Biker Vest Faux-Leather Rider Jacket Faux-Leather Rider Jacket
Faux-Leather Biker Jacket Faux Leather Biker Jacket Diagonal-Zip Faux-Leather Rider Jacket Diagonal-Zip Faux-Leather Rider Jacket

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Kim Hyo Yeon - Hyo Style

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